“The proper name of the game is Duck, Duck, Goose.” Read more

Jon’s song is legitimately catchy and could stand alongside most things that constitute art in this genre. He’s not making fun of “youth culture.” He’s making fun of a culture that might be taking itself too seriously. Read more

The Rachel Papers was even longer ago than I thought. Read more

It’s my fondest wish that he will keel over from some kind of cardiac event on live television while audibly and visibly shitting himself so that there can be no question of it being a coverup or conspiracy and quash any martyrdom. The craziest will still claim all of those things but I feel like this scenario is the Read more

I love him so much and he keeps making such unwatchable boring trash. Fire your agent, Fassbender! Make something that will let you be sexy and charming, goddamnit. Read more

I feel for Terry and I understand what this feels like. He’s to be applauded for showing that this shit is about power and that there are many victims. Read more

I’ve just recently succumbed to Hollywood Handbook after trying it out several times. I know that’s the cliche with this show, but it really did take me 5-6 episodes before it clicked. Now I’ve got a crush on Hayes and it’s the only podcast where I actually listen to the ads. Read more

I’m a sucker for Liz’s terrible boyfriends. I love Dennis but my heart really belongs to Wesley Snipes. Read more

Once upon a time, somewhere out there on the web, I once saw someone say that Harry Knowles “looks like that kid from Mask, but then he also somehow ate that kid.” It’s stuck with me. Read more

Sometimes I think I’m pretty much done with Comedy Bang Bang because it’s become derivative and the guests aren’t always winners, and then PFT will come on and bust out a Mayor Junius Bobbledoonary and I’m 100% back on board. Read more

I just saw Mother! and I fucking loved it. We were giddy when we left the theater. I’ve not been a big Aronofksy fan but this absolutely worked for me. Read more

You are wise. I laughed when he said it, but then he just glowers into the camera obviously repeating words he doesn’t believe or possibly even understand for a few more minutes and it’s not funny anymore. Read more

When I was in my 20's, it meant drugs. Now that I’m 40 it probably means sex (unless the person asking is in their 20's).
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I just want to take this moment to profess my love for Bobby Digital in Stereo.
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I love reading these every year. I love to be scared and I’m jealous nothing ever happens to me. Read more

I want to mail ZMF my panties. Read more

Yup yup, that's the agenda, Baby! Read more

Ha! That would have been worse, yes. Read more

I think my favorite moment of the episode was Myrcella’s insane cool and happy response to being told who Jaime really was right before she got the nosebleed. That’s just not the kind of news anyone would be happy about, not to mention that the reality of it puts her whole family in mortal danger. I laughed out loud. Read more

The buried lede here is that this gentleman is apparently a time traveler from 1971.