I disagree. I love how they use him now. He just shows up, kicks ass, then splits to take care of the next world-ending catastrophe or watch more HBO dramas. Don’t give Wong a series, give him a cameo in every Marvel project from now until forever. Read more

Wait a second, am I ungreyed here? When did that happen? I mean, I guess it’s all academic, since, as far as I can tell, notifications have been killed, but it would be nice to know what I said that went over so well. Read more

I seriously have no idea what the word “cute” means anymore. Apparently, stuff like this? Parents making their kids cry by lying to them? I wouldn’t call that cute. I’d call it “being an asshole.” Read more

I’ve only spatchcocked one turkey before. It was probably the best Thanksgiving turkey I’ve ever had, and it actually cooked in the amount of time the recipe said. However, that was for my sad solo Thanksgiving. My parents insist that I not butcher the bird before cooking it when they’re around (my mother also says Read more

I’m more puzzled about how it’s being used as an answer to “did the dummy survive?” Hearing that the dummy performed “nominally” says nothing to me about how the car’s crash safety systems worked. It tells me that the dummy simulated being a person and recorded data as intended. Read more

I’m not even a parent, and I ADORE those story refresher things. Partly because I can get sidetracked in the game, and partly because I can very easily go two or three weeks without playing any video games. I swear, when I played Red Dead Redemption 2 a couple months back, every time I got to a story mission, I’d run Read more

I was trying to figure that out. Does that actually do anything, or is it just one of those things where this is a bad situation, and someone should be doing something, so this is what I got. Read more

Oh yeah, this is some good boomering. Go through life without suffering the consequences of your actions? Lived life like everyone else would just put the chairs on the tables and lock up when he’s gone? Hell, open a restaurant in order to pay his way through college? He is the boomer’s boomer. The only thing he Read more

This is entirely unrelated to your desire to have a few laughs with Salma Hayek, because that’s clearly not an infatuation and absolutely nothing your wife should be angry at you about, but back in college, there was a girl who was in a bunch of my classes who was a dead ringer for Desperado-era Salma Hayek, and my Read more

“They took our jobs” is the dumbest complaint ever. Undocumented immigrants didn’t take “your” jobs. They took the jobs you didn’t want and haven’t done in a century. The people who took your jobs wear suits and power ties and outsource what your father did to places where they can pay peanuts and kill their workers Read more

“Welfare patrons” really doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Oh, also, someone once made a comment, can’t remember the person’s name at all and I’m sorry for that, describing the right-wing grift cycle as “wingnut welfare.” Which I think is just about the best term ever, and have devoted myself to spreading its Read more

I’ve started to have some real strong opinions about room decor that are pretty rich coming from a guy who has three rooms in his apartment, decorated as “Bare white walls with minimal furniture,” “White walls with nothing on them and just a bed,” and “bathroom.” If one good thing has come from this, though, I’ve Read more

I used to live in Milwaukee, and this always amazed me about the cops there. It didn’t matter how minor the infraction was, they rolled IN FORCE. Five over? Better get three cars of backup before they do anything. And they always treated every day like they were going out past the wire in Fallujah. If they ever got Read more

I think the question must be asked: Did they at least get the continental breakfast included? Read more

I initially read this headline as that it comes with a big ass funk, which is certainly an interesting take on “new car smell.” Read more

That seems like a pretty ideal way of doing things. Have a plug in the back. The couple times a year you roll out the camper, go rent a battery pack.  Read more

A Ford Transit? I’m not a car guy, but that seems like it would definitely be better for a couple guys and a little gear. Or depending on what you mean by “some small amount of tools or equipment,” a Kia Optima?
Read more

I know claiming certitude is definitely something we want in public figures in the US, but I’d trust a person who owns up to what they used to think, explain why they don’t think that anymore, and say what they think now. Of course, that doesn’t make a good sound byte or Tweet, so we’re not going to see much of it. Read more

Sorry, Robert is an awesome name, if for no other reason than its flexibility. Want to go by Robert? Sure. Or Rob, Robby, Bob, even Bobby if that’s how you roll. I say this as a Joseph John. Read more

Is everything sub one hour? Because I’ve said for years that I’m very impressed by seven hour long Final Fantasy runs, but I don’t think they’re a great fit for a speedrun showcase. Read more