It would be great if Nintendo gets in touch with him to get an official release of this going (instead of getting in touch with him to make him stop making it). Read more

Biggest problem (that is potentially fixed)- The kids just sitting around watching El remote viewing. It happens at least 4 times this season. Max’s, Mike’s basement, Hop’s cabin, grocery store. It’s a necessary plot contrivance, but it was abused this season. Plus the kids have barely done jack shit.
Dustin was Read more

I can’t imagine the amount of work that was involved in drawing each frame of that game by hand. Take as long as you need guys. A game is not worth your health or happiness.
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He probably meant Chris Pratt, the more commonly touted name suggested for playing the role. Though really most of the Chrises are on most of the lists, so it’s not that much of a stretch to think Pine’s been on somebody official’s mind. Read more

Nicolas Gekko is a concept artist who has worked on games like Destiny 2 and Elder Scrolls: Legends.

the fact it’s built on Duke 3D’s cover is just the best.

And those also aren’t posable and look a lot cheaper Read more

Literally my first thought, but some reading before commenting would do you wonders. Seems like that black band circling the spikes is rubber band, it can be taken off. Read more

I guess it depends on WHY you’re into AC games. I’m not the biggest fan of the stealth, etc, I just like running around the history they recreate. Read more