Holy sh*t this is beautiful. Read more

I’d love to see a LOTR graphic novel with this guys art style. Very awesome! Read more

This. Is. Awesome! I’m still bummed about this amazing Jaws themed one that didn’t get enough votes :/ (Found it on Kotaku Years ago)

This. Is. So. Friggin’. Awesome.
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Awwwwwesome work! Great video documenting the process as well! Read more

Oh that’s nice o.o that’s reeeeaaaaal nice. Read more

I usually don’t say anything because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but these ones always kill me. That stretched leather is less then 1mm thick. That’s like saying “why do they put grip tape on hockey sticks, how uncomfortable.” Absolutely no disrespect intended. There’s enough of that already in the Read more

This article. Completely agree with everything. Even if this game is not so great (fingers crossed it will be amazing) I will play just to stare at the water o.o Read more

So far so good. The only minor complaint is the number of jokes. It kinda gets annoying. The great thing about the pace of the old MST3K is that there were breaks in their jokes which made them more suprising and more hilarious. The jokes are so frequent in this new season, you arent allowed to re-engage in the movie. Read more

Firstly, you can get a surface pro 3 i7 with expandable memory for $600. Mine runs full Photoshop and illustrator with no issue. When compared to the MORE EXPENSIVE ipad pro, its no contest. Also, calling other devices ipad’s because the devices are also tablets....is just... well its stupid.
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(Relating to your comment) You can get a surface pro 3 i7 with expandable memory for $600. Although its last gen, its still more powerful than the MORE EXPENSIVE ipad pro.
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Damn. all the details! Not only is the scale of this thing insanely impressive, its all the beautiful details. It seems most instances of large costume builds like this, the artist sacrifices the minor details in favor of size. This thing looks like you could take a magnifying glass to it and still be blown away.
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This is all kinds of sexy. Read more

Damn.. that mad max though. So glad I saw this article. Thanks, Mr. Plunkett! Read more

Yesssss. The battle damage with the vibrant colors looks incredible. Well done Mr. Newgard! Read more

So much awesome. Love the details and wording on the backpack especially. Read more