Jan 16

To be fair, what did the poor Norwegians do to be dragged into this? :( 

Jan 15

On the plus side, there is now a reference point defining the minimum impact of FLOTUS initiatives. We have Nancy’s DARE measurably increasing drug use as a current worst case, Michelle’s “Let’s Move” lowering child obesity and increasing food availability to 9.5M people as a current best case, and Be Best safely Read more

Jan 10

My boyfriend told me she was carrying a Don’t Tread On Me flag... I cackled an evil cackle, I did. If this is true, praise be the gods of irony. 

Jan 9

“Trumpdóttir” should be Donalddóttir” if you really want to go by icelandic naming conventions

Dec 23

It’s a shame when people who used to be someone don't realize it.

Dec 21

Do any of these dinguses actually know what “Cancel Culture” means? A mayor here is refusing to remove a Columbus statute because of “Cancel Culture,” and she used the scare quotes. I think she has bigger ambitions than small city mayor, she also refused to change the name of Paul Manafort Drive, although Senior does Read more

Dec 18

As someone who tries to work from home with daughters (and a son), I am sympathetic to anyone who encourages irresponsible firearm usage around my children, but that may just be the complete and utter burnout speaking.

Dec 17

You can easily get rid of the chlorophyll and that green color and taste by just putting the butter in boiling hot water, stir for 10 minutes, then let the butter harden and separate in the fridge. You can put it in the freezer for a couple minutes so it gets extra hard for easy removal from the water that now Read more

Dec 14

Make no mistake, Trump changed his mind on the vaccine on the white house because someone else already did it. Someone at CDC said no, and he's acting like he made the decision to save face. Never, ever think he voluntarily does the right thing. 

Dec 14

Sorry to be that guy, but it’s flouting, not flaunting. Had Trump actually been one to flaunt the rules, we’d all be in much better shape right now.

Dec 14

Oh Joan, “The Group” and “Carnal Knowledge” still await you. The rest of the cast of both movies is unreal, but Bergen stands out.

And I agree with you. She stole “Let Them All Talk” right out from under two Oscar winners. Her balance of humor and desperation is right on the edge of a razor.