Elie Mystal
Nov 3 2018

Father of two. I will say that I still find it possible to get in those marathon play sessions (3-4 hours) once a week or so, even with two small kids, if I’m committed.

For me, the key is being “night time dad” on Friday or Saturday, backed up by “morning mom” on Saturday or Sunday. If I am all over the kids and then Read more

Feb 3 2018

While I was watching this my kid came in the room and I paused it and shooed him away like he caught me watching porn or something. I didn’t want him to see it.

Then I reflected on the fact that I was absolutely going to let him watch the SuperBowl and in fact make a big party out of it.

I have no way to reconcile Read more

Feb 28 2017

This game has really scratched an itch for me. The PS4 has been missing this type of fighting game, since Soul Calibur has simply refused to answer the bell. SF5, MKX, Injustice are all fun fighters, but 2D.

For Honor is more like the SC series. It’s 3D. The ring is its own enemy. The rock/paper/scissors of Read more

Feb 16 2017

Alex, interested in your journalistic opion here: I used to do those shows when they asked and, aside from getting really roughed up on Hanity once, generally left with my dignity (according to me, at least). The main reason — I thought that there was value speaking to “the other side” if I could change just one Read more

Sep 6 2016

Worlds COLLIDE. I’m Elie Mystal, legal editor for More Perfect, and *loyal* Kotaku reader.

The minute Pokemon Go makes it all the way to the Supreme Court for the first ever “augmented reality libaility” case, we will be ON it.

(Seriously, love your work and Jason and Patricia and Fahey and the whole team.)

Aug 4 2016

Good question. For me, it would depend on what kind of “boring” we’re talking about.

Boring in a way that material affects somebody’s quality of life, outraged over “courtesy” stay.

Boring in a way that the operation of business, whatever, “courtesy” is still a BS reason, but not worth getting my breeches twisted.

Jul 12 2016

Never once spelled that word right on the first try. I think it’s a mental block.

Jun 2 2016

My guess is that this is helping them monitor people more worrisome to the FBI then just child pornographers.

May 11 2016

Well, it’s because she’d be wearing a pants suit stitched together from Obama’s skin if they would let her.

May 3 2016

I felt like the “pour your own fountain drinks” was a goddamn innovation when it came to fast food joints. I feel like every place that doesn’t have a waiter should let you do this.

Apr 4 2016

One man’s “legilsating from the bench” is another man’s “calling balls and strikes.” So I reject those labels.

I do NOT think Courts should give a very high level of deference to voting schemes that come out of state governments.

Mar 31 2016

Sure, there are a few good ones, and there are a few bad ones. People are people and any organization made up of people are going to take all kinds.

But my issue is with the system which itself systemically marginalizes the African-Americans it polices and turns potentially good people, with potentially the best of Read more

Mar 30 2016

Statements like “he did what he had to do” is why most people think his supporters are dangerous and crazy.

Mar 3 2016

I’m doing my reviews a *little* differently. I’m more interested in what this dramatization shows about race, law, and its intersection in America, than I am with the cool staging of certain scenes.

Read more

Feb 23 2016

I always say Zuma is my favorite, even though he’s not. The critical reason is that Zuma is the “brown” dog (chocolate lab) and I want my (African-American) kids to have positive associations with brown characters. Chase is also brown (German Shepard) but he’s a cop so... we have to watch Chase’s actions verrry Read more

Jan 26 2016

Before charging them? Sure. But what about just *arresting* them? “We have a shootout and two people are dead. You are going to stay in lockup while we sort this out.”

That’s what they’d do if the shooters were black...