1/07/21 6:27PM

These pics crack me up. The trashiest people in the nation get inside the Capitol, and what do they do? Act like trash. 

1/05/21 4:14PM

I'm picturing Ben Shapiro in a ski mask skulking around like the Grinch and giggling to himself as he pulls a pig head out of a backpack.

10/27/20 8:09AM

FIFA 21 has MLS licensing. You can play as FC Cincinnati in all game modes, including Manager and Player Career.  I’m not sure if PES has MLS teams.

3/27/20 9:01PM

Yep let's have 2 rapists running for office. I love to believe women only when it's convenient to me!

3/24/20 4:30PM

If they lift this order over the fucking dow jones, I will be marching into the center of my city and rioting. I suggest you do the same Read more

3/20/20 3:18PM

If anyone’s up for a challenge, I’d suggest giving Everquest a try.

10/31/19 9:39PM

I’m not trying to do anything. It’s clear we see the world entirely different ways. You’re content to be a corporate lapdog and should be put down.

I am not. It’s pretty simple. The conclusion is extrapolated based on our responses to this situation, and I already know everything I need to know about how little good Read more

10/07/19 11:10PM

It wouldnt have wiped out the play, but it should’ve given them 15 yards from the end of the play and an automatic first down

10/06/19 3:39PM

So you’re saying football, like all organized religion, should be wiped off from the face of the planet to make the world a better place?

8/24/19 10:01PM

I’m just happy that Andrew Luck timed this announcement before Monday’s “Why Your Team Sucks 2019: Indianapolis Colts” entry. Thanks, Mr. Luck! Read more

8/23/19 2:26PM

This chonky cat makes me Remember late-era Andres Galarraga. Thank you for this laser focused sports content.

8/22/19 11:24AM

Like most people, they criticize in others what they secretly despise about themselves, you fat asshole. 

8/27/16 6:34PM

I was fully prepared to raise hell about the lack of mutant league football until your last paragraph.