Sep 10

believe it or not, most people actually own and play more than one video game

Jul 9

This entire situation is absolutely insane and painful, and also incredibly unsurprising. I quit playing smash bros on a local competitive level years ago myself for similar issues. My first experience with the smash bros community at a small local event involved some weirdo repeatedly trying to show my friend and I, Read more

Jul 9

Will fanboys lose their shit over a black woman as batwoman? Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Jul 2

The Last of Us 2 should be a post-apocalyptic Pony Express meets Oregon Trail adventure game. You and your trusty steed navigate ruined infrastructure while dodging the occasional fungus zombie, combat being optional in this fantasy of mine, all to deliver some small innocuous package from one bombed-out part of the Read more

Jun 26

There is an option but its a bit of a hack.  See you have to exit Fortnight and install an app called Netflix.    Once you get that you can sign up and search of Inception there.  :)

Jun 19

On the flip side, I don’t know anyone with a Mac that needs or wants Parallels. About 20 years ago, needing Windows for corporate intranet was a thing, but that didn’t last long. Maybe it’s a gaming thing... why do you need Windows?

May 29

Reminds me of the ol mega man boss character design contests they’d throw back in the day.

May 25

Tell that to Charles Leclerc, an actual F1 driver who finished 4th in the championship last year and has been kind of dominating their virtual Grands Prix the past few weeks!

May 25

Actually, the guy’s usual performance was about the same as his performance on real tracks, and as the article notes, it was another real racer that came in second above even the ringer.

May 17

says the person spending his time commenting on a minute part of a story that bothers him