I appreciate that since we live in a patriarchal society, men automatically have more power than women, but, partly going from your reasonable and thoughtful post, I think it is important to emphasise the socioeconomic dynamic, and the fact that it is this, rather than gender, that is key here (Hardwick allegedly Read more

Making a change can be scary as fuck. Read more

I am the non-standard Jez reader (In my opinion at least, white male, 25 and been on Gawker sister sites since I was 17) but was a Gawker Alum who migrated over after The Dark Times. I have ALWAYS hated Chris Hardwick. He was off-putting and gave me the exact same fake funny/date rapey vibe like a guy I went to Read more

good thing your opinion literally doesn’t matter. Read more

Unless both him and his wife had an open, poly-amorous relationship it is absolutely fair game to bring it up in relation to his sleaziness and sexist behaviour. It shows he did not value her as a equal partner, her consent or her safety. Lot’s of people have affairs. That doesn’t make it any less of an issue. Read more

Shit, for all we know, that might not be incorrect. That dude is in every movie and every commercial. Why not be a law professor too Read more

Did you also enjoy My Darling, My Hamburger? Read more

Now I just want to reread The Pigman and feel achingly guilty for everything selfish I ever did as a younger person. Read more

Perhaps not the most helpful advice, but if you limit yourself to one drink, and nurse it throughout the night - it becomes a wonderful little treat. Read more

I’d definitely watch a Nanny reboot, but it won’t be the same without Yetta. Read more

You can certainly make an argument that Indian-Americans struggle with the legacy of Apu, but don’t argue that he’s some gross, inhumane caricature.
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I was pretty young when I saw that episode, so I definitely started creepily repeating, “I’m.. cold..” to my parents whenever I could. Read more

Ooh, I don’t remember that one, but there were more than a couple episodes that legitimately scared the shit out of me. I am here for this. Read more

Whenever I’m cold and whiny about it I say it like that kid. Read more

Are rechargable ones more expensive? My parents always had the rechargable ones because they were too cheap to buy battteries. Of course nobody ever remembered to charge them.
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Everybody thinks they shower the correct frequency/time of day and that anyone who does it differently is doing it wrong.
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I also used to believe that but have since met several people who had no clue. For many it’s because they were like Mrs.Hole-cheated on the whole time. How do you detect infidelity if,unbeknownst to you,your partner’s behavior and schedule always included a lover? The normal signs you’re told to look for are baked Read more

I just imagine that the wife *knows* but he makes her feel crazy for being suspicious. I would want to know, just so I would know that my gut is right and don’t call me crazy! Read more