Edge of Blade
Jul 13

Prooooobably in bad taste but considering the meaning of the message is still plenty valuable and relevant and worth thinking about, I certainly don't mind if more people hear even if the context isn't perfect. If t makes even a tiny portion of its audience to reflect on their political attitudes, then it will have Read more

Jul 10

I don’t think it’s child trafficking, but I don’t think money laundering is out of the question.

Jul 8

Disney: “Republicans buy tickets to Star Wars too.”

Jul 8

I mean, they’re basically that universe’s version of Neo-Nazis, and those people actually exist in real life and don’t have much motivations beyond “evil because evil.

Jul 8

This strangely reminds me of one of my childhood movies Blank Check(1994).

Jul 2

Reading the headline instantly making me think of this:

Jun 18

If no one wants to click the link to the mask that this asshat sells, here’s a screenshot. I find it incredibly disingenuous that he profits from the sale of masks but puts on this big show (and that’s what it was, a show) about not wearing one. Fuck this guy.

Jun 3

well, it is a beta. Using the cheats could provide Riot games valuable information on how to detect and deal with cheats and cheaters going forward.

Granted, if they are still using cheats after launch, ban them 1000%

May 8

I feel like it’s a little pointless. Who would be offended by being called simp but a person who would use the word? It’s like cuck. It has no teeth unless you’re in the incel community or something. I’d be more annoyed if someone called me a fucking idiot or something.

Granted, I can’t speak for everyone. So I guess Read more

Apr 10

Isn’t it funny though how he’ll say that God will protect him and his family from getting TOO sick, but won’t actually protect them from getting sick?

Oct 17 2018

Never really understood “tryhard” as an insult. Are you not supposed to try? Is it only okay to play games if you already have a natural aptitude for it, and should be ridiculed if it takes effort to succeed? Or am I missing some deeper context here?

Aug 10 2015

On the other hand (and I say this as a proud PS4 owner with no plans to get an X1) MS can be trusted to set up a bunch of reliable servers far more than Sony can.