Nov 23

According to a guy on Reddit, the actual thing that happened was the driver leaned over to pick up something from the footwell, and the car started rolling. He tried to push the brakes to stop it, but stomped the throttle instead, and probably panicked when it shot forward. Read more

Nov 23

(laughs) I read that as “Siennas”, and was like wow, this guy doesn’t get out much...

Nov 22

Exactly, I am from jordan but live in Saudi Arabia. The price in Jordan usually double the price in Saudi Arabia, what they listed is the total price of the car in SA, but the free zone price in Jordan. Cars with engines over 3000cc get around+70% customs fees, and 16% vat. Then they add extra taxes for luxury! That Read more

Oct 29

Those interior colors are great. I love that Genesis spent a lot of resources on interior design and quality, since that’s the part of the car I look at most, I sometimes hate when a carmaker comes up short there (like you, Cadillac!)

Oct 25

OK, yeah, I took two minutes and googled up the links to these materials that honestly probably should have been in the article in the first place. ampliTex and powerRibs do not in themselves replace carbon fiber as we commonly think of it. What most people think of when they say “carbon fiber” is technically “carbon Read more

Oct 25

An interesting material that may have many applications in the future. It sounds though like this is intended to be a flexible material, no? I don’t see any reference to a resin or anything else that would harden this stuff, only what sounds like two different types of fabric. That may be useful for some things, but Read more

Oct 22

I mean, ok, but it still depends on how often you’re actually doing these things. $100/day gets you 100 days of traveling before you hit $10k. And that ignores the other costs of actually owning a car, like parking (in NYC, that’s probably 4/5 days worth of renting a month, minimum), insurance (which is much more Read more

Oct 19

$TSLA is trading in lockstep with $NDX (NASDAQ 100).

Oct 16

Always a thrill to see an article about the Ridley Scott Superbowl commercial.

Sep 8

That’s not how I remember it; my understanding is Montana had Reasonable and Prudent, and it went away because the Federal government threatened to take away highway funding if Montana didn’t institute a speed limit (I believe that was when they instituted the 55mph mandate, but I’m likely just conflating things there) Read more