2:51 PM

Women who desperately are trying to not have to work outside the home but whose husbands don’t earn enough for them to do so are the principal group of MLM sellers. They hit up their neighbors and (especially) their church congregations, and a lot of people buy out of a sense of guilt. Read more

2:06 PM

I wish someone would write an article about the new wave MLMs that target mom. Every mom I know now sells something (LulaRoe, Scentsy, Norwex, Pampered Chef), the shit just goes on and on.

1:57 PM

I don’t really care if it’s technically a pyramid or not, the idea of making women keep $20K of product in their homes so they can peer pressure other people into buying it, is criminal in and of itself. Most people aren’t that good at selling and at some point you’re going to bleed your tap dry of people to sell to, Read more

1:52 PM

Since overnight shipping is a thing that exists any company that forces you to keep a considerable inventory of items that lose value as quickly as clothing is obviously ripping you off. Read more

2:34 PM

Except he’s hurting them and they’re not hurting him.

9:02 PM

I didn’t think humanitarian aid after a massive disaster was “political bullshit”, but apparently even helping other human beings is now partisan. Read more

12:35 PM

I say this about every ICE agent: if you don’t condone these actions, quit. By continuing to wear that badge, you are complicit with every action your brethren take; just following orders is what they said at Nuremberg, too. At some point, you will be hunted just as they were.

12:06 PM

Perfect. So not only do undocumented people have to fear cooperating with the police, now they have to fear getting medical care. Almost like someone planned all this...

12:05 PM

That’s not normal human behavior. That’s sociopath behavior. I guarantee these ICE agents are enjoying every damn moment of their jobs because they enjoy ruining lives legally.

2:32 PM

Oh, but HE’S the only one using Logic and Reason and Analytical Thinking and Science! The rest of us are only scolding him because we’re overly emotional and too politicized to see the simple truth! And HE’S the only one who’s discovered this truth, by the way! The rest of us are just all too PC to see it.....

2:07 PM

Exactly: If Damore’s “memo” wasn’t proof that the guy was not a great analytical thinker, these tweets prove that he’s a first class idiot. The smug tone he had before has exploded since other idiots started engaging and the rest of us started paying attention.

1:49 PM

Someone should tell him about the Harry Potter thing at Universal Studios.

1:39 PM

The fuck does that last tweet even mean? Why would the KKK be the only place you can use D&D names? What kind of dumbfuck would join the KKK solely to use D&D names? Why is he acting like D&D groups don’t exist? There’s no requirement to be racist in order to play a goddamn game and talk about wizards. Has this Read more

1:37 PM

There’s NOTHING cool about the KKK. Starting a discussion about the coolness of their titles separate from their acts doesn’t make you witty, iconoclastic, or thought provoking. It just makes you a fucking asshole. Read more

1:31 PM

I am fully conversant in Dungeons and Dragons and I assure you Grand Wizard is not a level title. Bad enough we got tagged with the Satanist bullshit, we don’t need Klan too.

9:48 AM

I may be wrong, but I believe there’s some procedural issue where if they can’t get this bill passed (with 50+1 votes) by Sept 30 then their ‘loophole window’ or whatever it is closes until next year - so after sept 30 they’ll need 60 votes to pass (never going to happen) until 2018. Read more