Dec 29

That’s a beautiful car. In general, I think a lot of pre-war cars outside of the really, really special stuff like Duesenbergs and Bentleys are going to start collapsing in value in the coming years. At this point, there are few people left who actually ever lusted after those cars in their youth. At this point Read more

Dec 7

Buying a modern vehicle without AC is incredibly stupid (no offense!). The money you save is lost and then some in resale value, and you have to live without AC. Don’t make the same mistake twice!

Dec 2

All the awesomeness of that truck is lost with the unforgivability(?) unforgivable-ness of those awful wheels.

Oct 1

The ‘thank you’ email is the last thing I consider when making a hiring decision.

Sep 28

Agree, I started on eBay when it was young and if you were trading in certain niches it was a bit of a community. In the early days it seemed like most of the protection was for sellers, at this point it has flipped too far in the opposite direction. Read more

Sep 6

Not everyone is as capable of seeing the long term picture in anything. I know someone who refuses to invest in mutual funds because they could go down and you will lose all your money. True but unlikely and a reliable fun may dip some but over the long haul you will sure see better returns than a checking account

Jul 28

Which is a much better approach when you're dealing with structural aluminium components.

Jul 17

I’m in Buckhead, off of Roswell Rd! My street is actually Roswell Ct!

Jun 18 2019

That’s bait for me! I learned to drive stick in one just like it. Same color and everything.

Jun 8 2019

Thanks. My BIL had a Ridgeline and that thing drove like a dreamboat. Phenomenal. Though I thought the design was kind of quirky. One of the most comfortable, best driving vehicles I’ve ever driven.