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2:23 PM

Even wage growth isn’t a great indicator. Politifact ran an article recently stating that politicians who claim wages have been stagnant are wrong, because wage growth has steadily grown 3-5% since the recession. Read more

7:50 AM

if that had anything whatsoever to do with this particular subject, then sure. We are not doing so great with our muslim community. Then again not a lot of countries really are. At least our borders aren’t closed to them.

But that has nothing to do with the subject. I wasn’t saying France would be perfect if we sorted Read more

8:23 PM

I do not support Mike, but this is a sick burn that I know cut the orange turd so deep. Bravo.

4:39 PM

That would be good, but then again the other candidates aren’t worth $60 billion and don’t have the spare $2 billion that Bloomberg made last year in interest and dividends that he is using to fund his vanity campaign. 

3:39 PM

The lawsuit in question is about high-school athletes, rather than collegiate ones. It’s been filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom, who have been on the losing side in many a social issue: Religious displays on public property, gay marriage, women’s right to choose, same-sex adoption, and legal recognition of trans Read more

10:22 PM

So you'll compromise policy simply to vote for a woman? Okay cool, congratulations on being spineless I guess...? My vote goes to the person that aligns with my values and has the policies to uplift the most forgotten (such as Bernie's exhaustive and comprehensive disability plan that even includes banning utility Read more

3:47 PM

Why in the world do you think these things are impossible in America? That’s half the fucking problem right there. Jesus. Read more

3:03 PM

The only people that I'm mocking for supporting her are the Warren fans who are now moving to her even though they have vastly different policy positions because that makes it really obvious to me what's really going on. If you are willing to go from one woman with progressive policies to another woman with damn near Read more

2:38 PM

That’s the only negative thing? Wow okay sure bud. And yes, the only people calling others names are the Bernie bros, SURE wow it's almost like you never read the comments here at all but yeah, cool!

1:52 PM

This is a very weird comment! If you prefer Warren, why didn’t you vote for Warren? Did you consider that maybe your conversations with like 7 people might not have been a terribly representative poll, and that if you like Warren for reasons, maybe other people might like Warren for reasons also?  It is quite a Read more

1:03 PM

Watching all these white women twist themselves in knots trying to avoid voting for Bernie is a sight to behold. 

12:56 PM

It’s a perplexing leap between candidates with drastically different policy proposals, and little more in common than gender and party affiliation. White women in New Hampshire abandoned a progressive candidate who has advocated for free public college, medicare-for-all, and the end of cash bail for a moderate who Read more

11:04 AM

From what I understand, once you fuck, you’re no longer a Virginian.