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10:47 AM

>I think Dave should be allowed to say
>whatever the hell he wants in public,
>that’s his right. If you don’t like nobody
>is holding a gun to your head and
>forcing you to watch or listen to him.
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10:43 AM

Exactly. There’s a really good chance that the questioner knows that they are leaving out that context, though, because intentionally doing so is kind of part-and-parcel of the whole TERF argument. Of course, many TERFs would also argue that you literally cannot be a lesbian if you are attracted to someone with a Read more

2:19 PM

Also, Oppenheim acts like those two things are mutually exclusive. One can uncover truth and expose wrongdoing while grinding an axe. In fact, I would say that would be the most satisfying way to grind one’s axe.

11:11 AM

Wow you are so close to getting to the point. It’s like right there. If you and your partner(s) don’t mind having sex while drunk and you talked about it before hand then it’s fine. But if you didn’t have consent before and then you have a right to say that it was rape if you feel that it was. In the case of the woman Read more

10:45 AM

I think people are often surprised by how they react in traumatic situations.

8:24 AM

Well then, Hopefully, they accidentally got hot coffee spilled on them.

9:44 AM

In this case, I’d hold up my had in the universal stop sign motion and say, “You are bothering us. We did not invite you. Go back to your meal.” That’s more specific but here are a few that I have honed over time: Read more

9:59 PM

Yea, it happens a lot. A few just yank out an earbud FOR you, too, which is jarring and violating. It’s usually to give you some sort of compliment, which they firmly expect a thank-you and smile for, and can get nasty if they don’t get it. Or there’s the double nope- the compliment, and then if you don’t smile you Read more

12:34 PM

“If those men did something completely different from what they actually did, you’d probably feel pretty differently about, huh hypocrite?” Read more

1:18 AM

I feel like maybe he should avail himself of readily accessible knowledge pertinent to the case over which he’s presiding, and if he feels unable to do that, perhaps he should retire. Technology is increasingly involved in our interactions with each other, and consequently, our litigations. And Twitter is hardly new. Read more

12:14 AM

It sounds like the judge should try being a woman for a week. He might figure it out. I’m 58 years old. For the most part I look 58 years old. I’m physically disabled. Yesterday I was at Costco and got a hotdog when I was done shopping. I sat at the first table to eat, and parked my cart at the end of the table. A guy Read more

1:43 PM

Talk about hurting your head: I knew a guy in the run-up to the 2016 election who was like “I can’t decide if I’m voting for Bernie or Trump.”