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Dec 16

When forced to choose to slide to the Left or slide to the Right, Capitalism will *always* choose to slide Right. Read more

Dec 16

Remember kids, corporations do not make moral decisions, they make financial ones. As industries of Capital, they are only concerned with Capitalsm and Capitalism goes where the money is. Read more

Dec 15

The difference is that AAA studios/publishers are large and profiting enough that they can survive dud products multiple times and not suffer enough to warrant change.

Dec 15

Well, the series infamously ends with the dinosaurs NOT holding up, but agreed.

Dec 11

Did you miss the part where that was not their original intent, and this is a goodwill PR act after selling users a highly anticipated piece of hot garbage?

Dec 11

Sorry but then the people that had to crunch get less bonuses. (if they get any at all, which I highly doubt)

You have to start going against stuff like this somewhere and if it affects devs at Naughty Dog or Ubisoft Montreal for 1-2 projects than that’s sad but a necessary evil. If more people would vote with their Read more

Dec 11

The article that was linked earlier just said that in that case, the bonuses were NOT tied to metacritic scores and/or awards. The bonuses were tied to the whims of the management that decided in that instance to not award them despite the game meeting the critical and sales projections they were given. They then used Read more

Dec 11

This is a bad take, coming from someone who works in a parallel industry ( with many of the same production problems ) where my job is completely reliant year to year on viewer ratings and episode reviews. Awards like these do not effect the vast majority of the people who contribute to these things and most places Read more

Nov 19

Hey, good point, Clinton and Obama were ALSO bad in many ways, almost like the office of President of the United States is the steward of capitalist imperial enterprise. Read more

Nov 14

I think you might be linking things that are not meant to be linked. He mentions having just recently gotten a Series X and not really using it much yet. And separately, talking purely about aesthetics, he thinks the PS5 looks nicer/more striking than the Series X for his setup. I don’t see any indication that the Read more

Nov 13

Yeah, it’s basically an oversized button... or 2 less oversized buttons. Even on the occasions when someone tried to come up with something clever to do with it, it was just a pain to execute. Your example is at least halfway fun-sounding. Read more

Nov 6

People shit talk her, but I've always liked Ann Hathaway. She's talented, gorgeous, and from this at least, seems to be a decent person.

Nov 6

I think most people who have pointed out right-wing fascist tendencies growing since the Bush years can now feel thoroughly vindicated in saying “I told you so”.

All the “you’re being alarmist, what will you do when a REAL fascist shows up?” people – the whole half-of-an-electorate of them –have proven conclusively Read more