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5:06 PM

Nah, you have nothing to apologize for.  I don’t comment on kinja much in general anymore due to a myriad of factors.  This is just one of them.  Wish you all the best. :)

9:15 AM

This whole thread is super validating. I’ve been on Jez for years (but apparently was re-greyed at some point?), and I’ve noticed the sheer amount of vitriol towards Bernie supporters. I actually started off as a Warren supporter, but after hearing them both talk and reading about their policies and ideas more, I Read more

2:29 PM

Actually, you’d be more likely to encounter them in any major tourist thoroughfare in your city than your local Chinatown.  So yeah, it actually does make you a little bit racist.  You’re more likely to get the flu than the Coronavirus, and the flu is way more deadly, so...

4:20 PM

Jesus. I think more stuff like this needs to be put out there. We see these big numbers, but it’s still baffling when you put it into actual context. Just the sheer amount of extravagance that his campaign spending can buy, which is only a MINUSCULE fraction of his entire fortune...it just blows my mind.

10:02 AM

Hello from the future.  The Iowa Caucus is next month, and you weren’t wrong.  Everything is going to hell.

1:50 PM

I mean, when your competition is the original trilogy, that’s pretty damn good.  Also, that’s including Solo and Rogue One.  Hell, you can probably include the animated movies and the holiday special if you really wanted.

10:18 AM

I 100% agree with you here. Having just rewatched TFA and TLJ this weekend, I can definitively say that it is in the top 4 of best Star Wars movies. Rian Johnson did such a phenomenal job of writing every single character and developing them. Rey and Kylo were much more fleshed out and interesting characters than in Read more

2:49 PM

This comment is neither helpful nor relevant to the article at hand and just comes across as mean-spirited. And like you said, it's a decade ago. The article was clearly a poor attempt at satire, but you're just trying to stir up trouble and contention by bringing it up here.

9:26 AM

Which is why I said that fatalism better explains premonitions than determinism does. If you’re a hard determinist (which is what I’m assuming you’re ascribing to here), then everything you do and how you respond to things is “determined” down to the chemical nature of your body and brain, which wouldn’t allow for Read more

10:46 AM

That would be fatalism, not determinism.  There’s no explanation in determinism to explain how you would have pre-knowledge of a place you have never seen before or of an event that was caused by the introduction of a new, unknown element into your life (in this case, a future husband after a divorce).

3:51 PM

Jesus, I’m so sorry you went through all of that.  That is legitimately terrifying!  Also, fuck that voice actor you’re talking about.  The scene can’t be rid of him and his followers fast enough.