Dyram - The Emerald Blade
Aug 8 2015

So, did anybody know these were a thing? Nobody told me this was a thing. Why wasn’t I told this was a thing? I

Jan 26 2015

Good morning, everyone! I think Swan has been busy lately, so no one has posted a proper BAO in a while, so I figured I'd do one in her place.

Dec 5 2014
I Miss You All :(

I'm sad that I can't post to TAY from work anymore and talk to all of you. I miss you guys. How has everyone been?

Nov 17 2014

This post is for TAY Admins only. No Normies allowed. Any Normies who post will be heavily scorned.

Sep 26 2014
It's MonsTAY Hunter Time!

For all of you NOT playing Hyrule Warriors, it's MonsTAY Hunter time!! Make your parties in the comments below and