As far as the being a terrible person, I think a lot of them were just edgy for the sake of it to begin with, and that was actually the product they were selling. And it worked. The audience wanted that edginess in 2003. That can be fine when you’re all friends and in on the joke, but then you start hiring hundreds of Read more

Secret of NIMH.  The owl.  The house slipping into the mud. Read more

I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, but commentators here are the most credulous ones I’ve ever seen when it comes to Gordon Ramsay’s lack of chef skills. Read more

Here’s a crazy idea, mind ya’ business. Read more

I think it’s generally the ovaries that give out. Read more

You seem to propose a reality in which a criminal cannot accomplish a criminal act unless someone is negligent who is not the criminal. Read more

There’s a question of what is reasonable as far as inspection and securing. Read more

It’s a pink hat with cat ears. Read more

I’ve played a game called Europa Universalis IV where I started as the Mayans, united the disparate central american entities, and invaded Europe. Read more

I’m white, and I’ve never thought of Mac & Cheese as a traditional Thanksgiving dish. Read more

Max Temkin is one of eight co-creators and has 1/8th ownership of the company. He still works with and does interviews for them as of February 2017. Read more

I have had fun with the game a few times. Though, I also really like Apples to Apples. Read more

You’d need to ask his EMPLOYEES whether he created an environment where they should fear their BOSS. Read more

It’s a writer doing a “shameful” but harmless thing and then trying to write a funny blog post about it. Read more

People feared recrimination from Louis C.K. and his supporters to the point that they didn’t confront him publicly with this for years. Read more

I don’t know here I’m from in Europe. All of my knowledge on ancestry only extends to the United States. Read more

Konami and I are taking a break right now. Read more

Only pre-order first party Nintendo games from Amazon because they are generally guaranteed to be great(if you like that sort of game), and that price is never going to drop. Read more