Mar 16 2017

I think people were like, “Hey this is good.” Until Witcher 3 came out and it made Inquisition look like amateur poetry night at the improv.

Nov 28 2015

Dammit, stop making me feel human emotions. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Nov 11 2015

I heard some watery tart just handed her dad a sword.

Nov 4 2015

I don’t mind doing IT work for family and friends. I can be honest with them. “Your laptop won’t turn on because you’re an idiot. Buy me a pizza and I’ll fix it for you.”

Nov 4 2015

the only thing worse then working IT for a living is doing free IT for friends and family:0

Nov 2 2015

wait, hasn’t the world already decided that Chris Brown is a piece of shit?

Sep 15 2015

definitely fake. The spinning fall was multiple clips stitched together and the “landing” was way too graceful and the thing fell in a crowd of people and didn’t hurt anyone and no one noticed it and just walked by it and I’m using run-on sentences to make it seem like I’m listing more things but still

Aug 27 2015

If they could add in the Syphon Filter taser it would be perfect.

Jul 23 2015

You can go into the taskbar properties and turn the Search Box into a button instead of a long box to regain some space for icons, if you need to.

Jun 27 2015

My understanding is that in this context, engineers are referring to ‘capacity’ as basically ‘the amount of light (and hence data) that can be sent through a fiber per unit time’. Without this new development, engineers believe the capacity ‘limit’ to be about 100 terabits worth of data per second. And yes, this has Read more

Jun 27 2015

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that this solves the issue you think it does. Line Capacity is not the same thing as the distance data can travel without loss. Yes they could spend less on intermediate data centers, but it won’t let them send any more data than they are already sending over that line. (Again, I