Dread Fox
Feb 3

Such hate for a majority of people you dont know/understand

Jan 25

Ha! I never even knew about this debacle, but I loved the game. I'll buy the game 10 times more just to spite you clowns. Eat shit.

Jan 3

Wait a tit, didn’t Obummers do the exact same shit but instead slaughtered thousands of civilians during his reign? Where was the uproar? Oh yeah there really wasn’t because he wasn’t orange.

Jan 3

OR... he just killed a very bad person responsible for literally millions of atrocious human rights violations. You see what you want to see.

Sep 23

So kinda like how hip hop music encourages black kids to hang hang and carry guns

Sep 23

I mean, you could do that, but it wouldn’t blow up on Instagram. 

Jan 14 2019

Forensic criminalologists can determine the race of a murder victim by examining the skull. Read more

Nov 11 2018

I’m done with that hero busllshit. They aren’t fighting for our freedoms, even if they think they are. It is a dangerous job, but they are not serving for us. They serve at the behest of arms manufacturers and oil regimes. 

Nov 8 2018

But going with that logic, half the articles here are racist and hateful against people that are white a rich for no other reason that they are white and rich and the writers writing them get paid for them. Should be harass the writers as well? Why not leave everyone alone and let them have and talk about or write Read more

Aug 13 2018

Sounds like he’s already having a greater impact for female streamers than the author of this article acknowledges. If this is true then this whole article a classic case of the author letting an unrealistic ideal be the enemy of the good.