I’ve never heard anyone say it with a hard G. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m not saying you’re right. Read more

Did you watch the video? they swapped riders and it was the same story. Although i agree with you, and i myself also do track days, the V4 was let down by its rear street shock. Read more

They did run them on the same tire compound, and reversed the riders, showing that they got the same result: faster on the K5.
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You’re right, but these aren’t average schmucks on the bikes. They are both great riders with Ari having set multiple track records. They’re about as close as you’ll get to pros. Read more

Go read the companion article over at Revzilla.
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Yeah, Cardi B is very interested in politics and extremely knowledgeable about american history. She talks about it a lot, and it’s clearly something she studies (if you doubt me, check the interview Cardi did with our own Caity Weaver a few years back). People, like Candace Owens, who express shock or doubt that Read more

Wait, what? McGowan is being controlled by the CFL? I mean I know the Canadian Football League had some availability in their schedule this summer what with not having a season at all ... but who knew that’s what they’d do with their free time?
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I’d buy HBO max right now if it was on either a Roku or Amazon device. At $15, that’s cheaper than the $25 for HBO standalone on Cable. Oh well, its just wasn’t meant to be. Read more

You probably didn't watch the 2nd video, or read the transcript. The guy could have went another way. Bye 🤡 Read more

Best thing would probably be stay home.
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I was thinking it was Clyde from “Any Which Way You Can”

I believe strongly in the right for workers to organize. This sort of thing gives the UAW a bad name, but worse, it give organized labor in the US a bad name. The possibility of codetermination laws being passed through Congress is unlikely in the near future if people don’t start behaving responsibly. There will Read more

Check the Cabin Air Filter

Considering how well the government is running other things these days I’d say that having it take over the UAW amounts to union busting through ineptitude.  Read more

It’s simple. White and UFC want as little government oversight and regulations into union busting, monopolization, and CTE damage to fighters as possible. Just like every corporation they want the tax break and no one looking into their accounting practices, both domestic and international. Read more

I assume these guys actually stole a lot more than the ~ $75K listed in the above document?  This guy makes like $200k/year as the president of UAW, so he’d be an idiot to try to steal a few 10K’s per year...
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Anyone who wants to argue that EGS is attempting to ‘save the little guy!’ while turning around and saying ‘fuck you for being non-competitive... even though we are.’ Read more

I can see why Epic would want to pick this fight as Apple gets 30% of their action, basically in perpetuity. Read more

Johns had a Wicked boner one day....and decided Ma Hunkel needed a Legacy. Read more

Get a degree in accounting and engineering before you start playing EVE. Read more