11/14/15 4:31PM

Where do you see a Lamborghini Gallardo for anything near $43K? The cheapest, most-blinged-out examples of the Gallardo seem to start in the low $80K range; the F430, closer to $100K.

11/14/15 4:08PM

Tav, I love what you do, but after digging a little deeper it seems this particular example was a bit of an anomaly. Perhaps because it is in Germany. Looks like all of the others currently for sale on eBay (I did not look at other sites) all start at mid $60s and up. Still reasonable value, but whomever snatched this Read more

11/14/15 2:15PM

I agree, but in all fairness two of Vettels championship years were super boring.

11/14/15 2:11PM

I love F1 but it almost seems like NOBODY( even the driver) gives a shit at the moment. This might be the worst season ever...........Hamilton will go down as the champ of the two most boring F1 seasons in history. Unlike his hero Senna(who he name drops every chance he can get) who won in some of the most exciting Read more

10/31/15 3:26PM

I think he was probably referring to the culture shock of going from places like Monaco, London, etc to Charlotte, which is probably like the 15th best big city in the south...

10/27/15 8:41PM

This needs to be standard. All the red piping should be standard!

9/22/15 2:55PM

I always liked him because he was the smoothest driver in F1. More like Jackie Stewart than Ayrton Senna.

9/22/15 2:46PM

Not the best driver in F1 but the one I most wanted to swap lives with. Great sense of humor, plenty of success, very highly paid, that wife and let’s be honest... He’s one handsome dude.