Dick Nickels
Friday 12:35PM

Former co-worker of mine used to commute in this. Perfect interior, stock drivetrain (auto though.) It was nice to see.

6/03/21 9:12AM

I once overinflated a bicycle tire to the point of a blowout and it was incredibly loud. I can only imagine how loud this was.

6/01/21 5:30PM

You missed a few things which any old trucker could’ve told you. First off, in trucker parlance, these are called “Maxis”, as opposed to the non-spring brakes, which were just called “cans”. On your typical 18-wheelers, you’ll find maxis on only the last drive axle and the 2 trailer axles, never on the steer, and Read more

6/01/21 3:21PM

I asked that question also. No it was just really bad charcoal

6/01/21 1:37PM

I have heard truck drivers that have dipped chips in engine oil..

6/01/21 1:23PM

If they weren’t meant to cook kebabs, they shouldn’t have put ‘Lamb’ right there in the name. 

5/19/21 11:29AM

Stories like these are why I’ve decided to ditch the road bike and pick up a MTB. Sure I might crash into a tree, but the likelihood of getting creamed by a Suburban is infinitely smaller.

5/07/21 5:41PM

Somewhere in streets of Troy Michigan, an unknown figure, with a ‘Department of Housing and Zoning’ ID tag stalks the streets.... Read more

4/28/21 10:26PM

I’m hoping the Si at least gets a 6MT.  If memory serves, the current gen didn’t have a manual until the Si launched a year later, and then they added it?  That may be incorrect, though.

4/28/21 10:06PM

Are you telling me the CIVIC, of all cars, is going to be sans a Manual-Transmission option going forward.  Good lawd are we a soft society at present.

4/26/21 3:17PM

I’ve been collecting diecast cars for 15 years. I have seen them in all sizes and states of existence.

4/20/21 8:11PM

Why did the fire department decide that 32k gallons of water was appropriate for what is basically a chemical fire? Are they receiving training on putting out battery fires? Will a lithium ion battery fire operate the same as a lithium fire? Cause if it will, water would be *bad.*. Read more

4/19/21 8:08PM

Great article and this pretty well lines up with how I perceived Jalopnik looks at Tesla crashes. I’m a new Tesla owner (waiting on delivery of a model 3) and I genuinely do not look forward to being lumped in the same category as Tesla stans. Seriously made me consider not buying it. They are damn good cars (fit and Read more