Dick Nickels
4/19/21 10:28PM

Never had to winch yourself backward off of a cliff to escape pursuers a la The Monkey Wrench Gang?

4/14/21 11:44AM

My recent pickup: 1973 Fuji Tourer. I paid almost the 1973 MSRP, but it came with a minty Brooks B72 saddle on it that’s almost worth the entire cost. The 27" wheels are off for new rubber. Couldn’t resist this color.

4/12/21 6:02PM

Rabbit you say? Which is a better cecotrophy, exhaust gas recirculation or regenerative braking?

3/31/21 5:42PM

I mean, isn’t the 15-gallon chowder scenario the exact reason you would get an auxiliary chowder tank installed under the car opposite the gas tank?  Just hook your chowder hose up to the port and start fillin’

3/31/21 10:39AM

My first JDM car was ruined by a hit-and-run driver and I haven’t been in the financial place to get a replacement (one of the downsides of classic JDM cars being that they are insurable for much less than they sell for), so thank you for the eye candy and the hope that I can pick up a sweet Crown or something similar Read more

3/22/21 12:06PM

Bought a blue one at CarMax in 2007 and kept it 8 years. Loved the smoothness of the shifter and the overall feel of the car, but yeah, could have used a little more power. Looks really nice from above, too. Saw mine from a rooftop and it has a great taper from front to back.

3/21/21 11:55AM

Too bad some of the horses had to be “method actors” and actually die for the making of the film.  

1/19/21 9:40PM

2003-2007 Accords, at least, also have this problem.  I haven’t had audio for YEARS. And thank you, JERKWAD, for stealing my portable Bluetooth speaker out of my center console to deny me even that small accommodation. 

12/24/20 8:42AM

My guess is that the body was rusting and the engine and transmission were they only thing that they could save?

12/17/20 2:08PM

Yep, when that BMW’s lights were blinding me through my rearview mirror on the way to work this morning, the only thing I was thinking was, “Boy, aren’t weak headlights a menace!”

12/14/20 11:09AM

Uzi Nissan died of Covid (https://jalopnik.com/uzi-nissan-internet-domain-owner-who-fought-nissan-in-1844535615), so what does that say about your argument? Hmm? Read more

12/10/20 2:01PM

Was the driver of that Plymouth easy to spot inside Advance Auto? I used to go to the adjacent Gourmet Kingdom pretty regularly. It was supposed to be the Authentic Chinese Food option in town.