Jun 26

Play Tales of Symphonia. I still think it’s the best in the series. (Skip the sequel, though.)

Jun 23

I’m so happy more people will finally be able to see this series. Its so good. Its a brilliant blend of nostalgia and a logical extension of the story. Honestly, it has no right to be as good as it is. Looking forward to the move.

Jun 12

I work in public relations. This is accurate. It’s also depressing when you write something that takes a meaningful, strong stance and then see it reduced to gibberish like this once 5 or 6 old white men have have looked through and edited. 

Jun 6

If you took Friends and made an all black cast you'd have "Living Single"

Jun 6

I see where you’re coming from, but nah. Part of representation is normalizing the casting of non-white/cis/hetero actors. There certainly aren’t enough stories that speak to disenfranchised groups but there’s also nothing wrong with telling a story that includes these groups without necessarily giving them specific Read more

May 27

None of Sindel’s new lore makes sense when you consider the original timeline where Shang Tsung resurrected her. It’s just a subpar retcon that seems like someone at NRS went “Wouldn’t it be cool if...” without remembering that she was dead long before any of Raiden’s time screwup would count. Read more

May 27

I don’t think she voted for Trump at all, and it dangerous to automatically equate racism with political affiliation. I also think that she honestly, truly believes she isn’t racist. She is of course - but I’m sure she’s the typical example of a white person who votes for the right people, “has black friends” yet Read more

May 22

I think the idea of Sanders being the nominee by now is delusional, but I’m still not voting for Biden. Yes, Trump is worse in the short term, far worse, but four more years of Trump would be better than four more years of Democrat complacency that leads to extending their current way of doing things into the rest of Read more

Mar 26

I love all these little tidbits of Doctor Who we’re getting to help us during the pandemic. And they are from every showrunner the new show has had — Moffatt, Chibnall, RTD — in an effort to just help people remain calm and inside during this crisis. Read more

Mar 23

They took something that could have been really cheesy and awful in resurrecting Darth Maul and gave the character depth and a lot of that goes to Witwer who always carried that wounded, hurting, haunted tinge of failure in his voice combined with the anger and rage Maul felt at being left behind by his old master.

It’ Read more

Mar 4

The Bollywood angle just ramped up my interest by 200%.

Jan 16

Alternatively: Dan Slott run on spider-man was a lot of fun and I am excited for this teamup

Dec 4

Why does it always seem like no one even mentions JRPGs or other Japanese games when the topic of console exclusives, particularly third-party exclusives, comes up?
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