OG Legend of Zelda will always be my favorite because it gave us this glorious picture:

Playing the game has nothing to do with it and attacking people over it is not winning anything at all. I guarantee mose of the people doing this have added nothing to the fight for trans rights. I vote for it, pay into it, and am myself gender fluid and was unsure of being trans and I even try to help the community Read more

I know even the writers here are children but surely we can get an invite for Claudia Grant/Lasalle from Robotech/Macross. The only “bridge bunny” on the SDF Macross who wasn’t screaming in fear all the damn time.   Read more

I was going to comment but I got nothing that can trump this. Read more

Are you asking, in the year 2023, how a colossal fuckup can become president of the most powerful country in the world?  Read more

You’re a danger to yourself and everyone on the streets!!! But dammit son, I respect the hell out of ya! Read more


I’m not too worried about it because I’m working under the assumption that movie is never getting made.
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Sorry couldn’t resist...

“What if we made Ghostface... actually good at fighting?” Read more

I think that Bucky led them at one point, too.  They veered away from the original conceit to more of a Suicide Squad/black ops deal over time. Feels like that’s where they’re headed, here.  Read more

Please tell me you’ve read the emotional rollercoaster that is Peter David’s second X-Factor run? Read more

I think the point is that the Authority is ALREADY actually just another angel that has usurped the role of an omnipotent creator god, so introducing a second angel that usurped the role of that first angel is a little uneconomical as far as plotting goes. Read more

Seriously, based on this write up you obviously hate comic movies. Why bother to watch them? Read more

Wow this is an uninformed article. Treating Smogon as the de facto rules adjudicators of Pokémon just exacerbates the impression that they know what they’re doing and should get to be in charge of what is “banned”. Not that GameFreak has a perfect record of balancing the game. Far from it. But at least they know what Read more

Agreed. His starting form looks awesome, but his evolutions not so much. This is the vibe I would have gone for even though Pokemon evolutions always stray from their original design:

according to urban dictionary it “normally refers to a change admired or cherished in the LGBTQ+ community or boss-bitch culture” while wiktionary says it’s “the process of making something LGBTQ+-adjacent.” basically although it doesn’t necessarily mean this thing is gay it does apply that affectation to make this Read more

Anybody who doesn't accept ankle wings is clearly not the target audience for this movie.  Read more

Spoilers: they can’t, but they can render the show bland and productized and consistent. I’d rather have the misses than the dull, endless march of more MCU style storytelling. Read more