Sep 7

Charcuterie board: when you’re too god damn pretentious to just use a plate or a bowl.

Sep 1

People who sit on their ass all day are shitting on the people in the military who risk their life and mental health so they can watch people play video games? Yeah the military does bad things at times but I work in an office because young men and women often where no place else to turn sell their souls to deter Read more

Jul 29

I know a couple people who fly drones in the military or are drone instructors. And yeah, from what I understand Xbox controllers are used for certain drones. Most militaries use them for all sorts of shit.  Read more

Apr 7 2020

If you can find either Paranoia or Hol on eBay, I highly recommend both.

Feb 4 2020

Shadow seemed like a solid name choice at the time, after Vote Fixers tested poorly.

Dec 11 2019

Can’t imagine what you mean, he didn’t say a word about Rogue One.

Aug 27 2019

IT in its pre-Pennywise form is actually very similar to Cthulu. It existed before our universe was created and lives within the cracks between multiverses. It is a gigantic creature whose true form drives anyone who views it into catatonic madness. Cthulu wouldn’t steamroll IT in a fight; it’d be a lot closer than Read more

Aug 11 2019

Again, I’m reminded of the dystopian novel — maybe David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas? — in which “disney” has replaced “movie” as the generic term for motion pictures. Read more

May 14 2019

If you like Game of Thrones, you will definitely like Robin Hobb, since her books are also just unending hardship for the characters you care about.

May 4 2019

Everyone I follow on Twitter who actually knows horse racing thought the DQ was the correct call. Read more

May 4 2019

What, you actually know how horse racing works? Get out of here with that relevant knowledge and bring me the hot taeks about how replay sucks and is bad. Read more

May 4 2019

Not his first time failing to maintain a line an endangering other horses and jockeys. To be clear, the race today was breathtakingly close to a full on disaster  Read more

May 4 2019

This guy talks so confidently about “the spirit of the rule” in a sport he only follows three times a year.

May 4 2019

I mean, if this wasn’t the most famous horse race in America that decision would have been made in like 3 minutes

Apr 25 2019

Can we focus for just a second on the more important issue: is that one of those giant 10 lb burgers on the table behind him in the header image?

Apr 24 2019

Yes. Also even if you shorthanded for 5 minutes you are still allowed to stop the other team from scoring 4 goals.

Apr 19 2019

Movies I loved as a kid that hold up:

Big Trouble in Little China
The Goonies (regardless of this article’s nonsense first paragraph)
The Lost Boys
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Read more