Sep 2

Hitler’s Germany Rose in power partially thanks to belief  in American neutrality.  The lack of naval forces encouraged in early Japanese strike in the Pacific.  It is precisely the strength of American forces that has eliminated the need for a global response

Jul 13

This article had a blocked pop up, 3 links to other g/o articles, 1 hovering video and 4 ads. I couldn’t find the map. 

Feb 28 2020

Artificial ingredients can be good. You’re probably not washing your hair with goats milk or brushing your teeth with a cornstalk.  Sometimes we engineer better stuff than nature.  Sometimes. 

Feb 27 2020

I’m with you. I enjoyed the stormtrooper as well. However these have gone so professionally into costume making and modeling that there is little connection to the average fan produced look.  I miss the creativity of turning Hobby Lobby goods into a costume. 

Feb 17 2020

Sorry your comment will be deleted because it’s outside of the approved thread and you didn’t coordinate the your flair with the day of the week. 

Feb 8 2020

Morrowind. So alien. Those deadra shrines. The music. The difficulty. The sense that any door could hold a mystery. The sleepers. Vivic. Epic. 

Jan 29 2020

I’m F2P on Langrisser currently. The Devs are ridiculously generous. They give away elite characters now and again and even the basics have their niche.  The spending seems more focused on those that want skins or faster play.  No part of the game has a paywall which is nice.   

Jan 24 2020

I guess the public votes with their wallets. If some of these (not all Dumbo) make a billion dollars it’s hard not to keep pumping then out. 

Dec 16 2019

Try reading from right to left.  As soon as I lost track of the up and down they turned yellow. 

Dec 11 2019

If Episode 9 has sad alien racehorses, a coin chugging BB8, an astral projection Jedi and 4 or 5 Mary Sues then count  me in!

Sep 23 2019

It was nagging me about the grass so I started looking for a Hyperion reference in the comments. Well done. 

Jul 23 2019

Maybe watch the movie before offering your pedantic takes. 

Jul 10 2019

I wonder if the deadlights and the turtle will make an appearance. 

Jun 6 2019

This was so good. No need to over CGI everything. 

May 5 2019

I’m going to go with the stewards whose job is literally to watch races all year. 

May 4 2019

I wanted to give him a dozen different cupcakes for his birthday but he only wanted to pick six. 

Apr 18 2019

Counter point. How many Roms played on these emulators were legitimately obtained? I’m guessing not 100%. 

Apr 17 2019

When you’re playing meaningless games for a month or more you just can’t be sharp. Read more