May 6 2016

I agree that we think non-ionizing radiation is not a factor in cancers. To the best of their knowledge it doesn’t. I ridicule people who claim to be sensitive to Wi-Fi etc. That being said, research is only a waste of time until the findings show the opposite of what was expected. If we only pour money into research Read more

Apr 11 2016

You know what’s more crazy? Thinking that 10 million people don’t have millions of different and often contradictory opinions. Read more

Feb 24 2014

There's only one correct answer. And it would be glorious. Set ten years after the conclusion of the first book (two seasons), with actors that have really aged ten years! Make it so!
At the time it aired it didn't get the attention (span) it deserved! But it was just ahead of the curve! Viewing audiences now would

Jan 2 2014

So good! We found it at BlackBook, let us know the original site where it was posted and we'd be happy to link to it.

Dec 2 2013

Don't forget Robo-Michael from "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker"

Nov 13 2013

You should probably read the article better or click through to some of the source material. There is historical evidence that shows this works and also evidence that shows building these types of highways are bad ideas to start.

Sep 13 2013

So.... you're upset that a technology website reports something happening with a major technology company, and to support your argument, you point to Twitter comments (which, yes, we know, are totally 100% representative of the whole. 110%, if anything, really) to bolster your argument? Read more

Sep 5 2013

When you hear the words "Sleepy Hollow," you probably think of Tim Burton's 1999 movie. "It's something that we all associate with Sleepy Hollow," admits Wiseman.

Jul 18 2013

His mom will always be watching this guy masturbate. awk.

May 13 2013

Yes, let's start defining what is and is not art. Because that always leads to intelligent discussions.