Fandom is trash, is why. They are absolutely horrible custodians of the old wikia sites. They’re the ones that added autoplaying videos they made themselves to every wiki page on some (many? all?) wikis that takes up half the page on mobile. They’re the ones that steal all the content and keep running it in your Read more

The low-effort Luddite sentiment on here is getting really tired. If a tool makes artists more productive, that’s great for everyone. If it leads to products nobody likes, it won’t fined continued use, either because Blizzard drops it or because Blizzard will be gone. The possibility that something new could be good Read more

I realise this is a simplistic/obvious take, so much so it delayed me getting around to writing this, but I also figured it was worth putting on record anyway, so here it is. Of course this doesn’t apply just to PC games, or even video games, it’s something affecting our daily lives across most industries, but PC Read more

You know straight people aren’t the only stoners right?  Read more

The farcry 3 segment was amazing, what do you mean “but all the queer folks knew this was lame as hell” seems a bit strange  Read more

there is no ethical consumption under capitalism Read more

It’s gotten so bad that folks are bullying vtubers (big and small) into not playing the game, for their own moral cause. Like wtf. Read more

Policing who is and isn’t playing it and why is really a losing game.  Read more

that I shamed attendees into dressing better” Read more

Oh man. You just took me back to the days of playing ridiculous SC maps like Simpsons Madness. They were so unbalanced but a blast to play. I enjoyed some of the “RPGs” people made too, and the tower defense maps. Good times. Read more

It was! With all of the times 343 has had to delay things, this is the first instance of them actually moving something forward during Halo Infinite’s lifespan! A very welcome surprise Read more

I left IGN for this nonsense. Read more

The fact that this guy is famous just shows how stupid most humans are.
Read more

It was more than likely the same one we all quit on: Read more

Why do you say ‘despite’? There’s a pandemic going on, it’s not like people are going out and walking around or going to movies in theaters much or going to stores. People in general are staying at home. Which means in-home entertainment. Which means stuff like videos on demand and, yes, video games. And when they’re Read more

Friendly reminder that Metroid Dread is better than at least half the games on this list. Read more

NFT bro makes a bunch of positive assertions about NFTs but provides no actual evidence to backup the assertions (other than the fact that blockchain games are slow and nothing new).  Sounds about right. Read more

cryptocurrency and NFTs are a scam.

Older games, I can understand - but encouraging the torrenting/pirating of a game one day after its’ release? For fuck’s sake. Read more