I actually think the SNES is one of the most comfortable controllers ever made, but to each his own I guess Read more

Wow, do I have news for you. Literally everyone uses software they hate for work that is insecure and generally shitty. Word is arguably one of the least infuriating that I run into. Sure, technically Google Docs is an alternative, but receiving phishing emails designed to look like links to Google Docs is just as Read more

I thought the framerates were always good in Switch handheld mode. Read more

I’m not very far yet, I kinda thought they might have the Hookshot as, like, an end-game item or a reward for beating Ganon. Something that has no value for puzzles or combat, but makes exploration a little easier/quicker. Not at all surprised that they didn’t include it, but frankly I would have rather figured that Read more

Hey, guys, I didn’t know the hookshot was cut from the game. Maybe stop spoiling shit in your headlines? Thanks. Read more

Translated: “I don’t get why people think I’m not fun just because I assert my depressing as fuck dislike of everything on everyone!” Read more

Could you imagine a world where the Joker wasn’t so twisted? Read more

I think you meant to type ‘lame’ but typed twisted instead. Read more

EVERY character gets the “what if it were a girl?” treatment? No, I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing. Diversity is a good thing. Looking at every character and seeing if they should be female seems complete crazy to me. It’s rare that the gender matters at all in games (I mean storywise, not Read more

Because while the first Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes was fine, the second was absolutely not,

The second Holmes movie was fantastic, and Jared Harris should come back as Moriarty, even in flashback form, because he was made for that role. Read more

Honestly, I don’t see how the movies CAN acknowledge the show anymore. Not without yielding an insane amount of creative control over the MCU to the TV series.

When SHIELD started, it was pitched as ‘spy vs spy: what is it like for the humans on the ground in this crazy world of superheroes’. We were going to get the Read more

First time in my life that I hear the phrase “Better than Super Metroid”. Read more

Wait... what? My wife and I have watched all the episodes so far and think it’s freaking hilarious - as do pretty much everyone else we know who’s seen the show. Is the popular opinion that it’s bad? Why? All the celebrity cameos mixed in with modern-day humor seems to work perfectly IMO. If I had a single complaint Read more

I liked it. I can’t understand why io9 hates it so much.

It’s hard to include an image of my trend, but I would say the worst thing to happen to genre movies is typically people over-analyzing things like “what are the worst trends in genre movies”. Read more

How is a Silver Samurai Iron Man suit with magnetic Wolverine-like claws a good Shredder? O.o Read more

Just don't go 88 miles per hour... Read more