1:12 PM

Doesn’t even have to be paper. Banana peels have been used...  A check is, after all, just a negotiable promise to pay. 

1:17 PM

Have you read NK Jemisin? Or Yoon Ha Lee

I guess they are a reason why I’m slow with discovering new books, I love to go back and reread. Or Nnedi Okorafor

Okay, it’s settled, I’ll do a “SFF genre” post, hopefully next week.. ;)

11:52 PM

II actually really love having a structure and routine, like I love working a 9-to-5 job and I think I would go crazy working from home and not getting up And going to an office every day and having a schedule. If I take more than a few days off it’s nice but I definitely deal with heightened anxiety. I like to make Read more

7:01 AM

Darlingpants, I am not kidding you when I tell you that I spent, like, half an hour looking up Huel last night. What is Huel? Should I be eating Huel? How many servings come in a packet? etc., etc.

12:04 PM

I think the PJ pants will come back as soon as the pest guy finishes what he is doing. I just checked the calendar and I have nowhere to be until Wednesday. Waistbands are for chumps.

8:07 AM

No one ever falls “IN”the Ankh-Morpork River. They fall “ON” the Ankh-Morpork River. Eventually they slide in with a “Gloop”.

2:57 PM

Thanks for mentioning the credit card bit! I got the cc number from our office admin today and was able to get the flight confirmation from the airline site today! Just relieved he actually booked me on the flight. 

10:15 PM

I second this. I worked in development for a museum for a little bit and we had a data base with a whooooole bunch of honorific and form of adress info specialized to each donor and entered into fields so that we could pull it correctly for different sorts of mailings. Because you don’t want to offend the big bucks Read more

8:33 PM

I am married & did take my spouse’s name. I will answer to Mrs but I use Ms. I HATE it when wedding invitations & holiday cards are addressed as Mr & Mrs John Caulfield.   FFS, I have a name and it ain’t John

6:45 PM

I feel like that’s going to open a can of worms. Because if you’re going to include honorifics, you need to include all of them.  I find it more unprofessional when I get mail sent to Ms. First Last than just First Last, since my title is Dr. (which also has the advantage of being gender neutral!)

10:58 AM

She’s an Assad apologist and very conservative relative to her constituents. I think she delights in being a contrarian. Also, she was quite homophobic in her past and hasn’t done much to convince she’s changed. Read more

8:05 PM

Ok, the two major issues I have are that she’s really cozy with India’s Prime Minister Modi, and his party the BJP, which is a Hindu Nationalist Party. Basically, they are oppressively crap in the way you’d expect a religious nationalist party would be when trying to assert their dominant religion over a country with Read more

8:30 PM

I knew I was not satisfied with my own position.

So I guess it’s good there’s a saying about that. :-/

9:18 PM

It’s like the difference between regular daily birth control pills (pre exposure Prophylaxis, except for pregnancy) and emergency contraception (post exposure Prophylaxis for pregnancy).