Darksiede, now LS powered
Mar 30

1st: More #OrangeManBad. I’m sure Jalopnik will find a way to blame Trump for the slow pace at which GM will be making ventilators. Read more

Mar 24

Wow, you are so tolerant of people with other view points.

Mar 24

Any possibility of the writers on this site hiding their liberal views just a tad? Not all of us are lefty whakos and I’d rather just enjoy some entertainment with out the ever pervasive injection of liberal bias into 85% of this sites articles. YOU CAN WRITE A PIECE AND LEAVE YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS OUT OF IT!

Mar 16

First gear: Stick to cars. Stick to cars. Stick to cars. Stick to cars. Stick to cars. There are PLENTY of places to get the same critical, politicized perspective. Stick to cars. And also, stick to cars. Read more

Feb 28

Seconded. I mean, this is Jalop so the anti-capitalism drum needs to be beaten whenever there is a chance, but sometimes doing so in a blind union rage without considering any other angles makes you look silly.

Yes, this quote is pathetic if you assume that this man’s one and only feeling about COVID-19 is that he Read more

Jan 23

I feel this way about about welfare programs. Those that are just mooching off the system are giving the people that really need the assistance a bad name and wasting our tax dollars. They do a disservice to what the programs were meant to be. Read more

Jan 8

WOW. Is this you got all out of this amazing interview? No wonder people think media is little better than propaganda. 

Oct 21 2019

I would argue Jalop has had GM on their shitlist for a long time now (not the other way around). Read more

Jul 17 2019

GM and Ford’s all-in labor costs, including wages and benefits, have exceeded $60 an hour for the first time in years, according to the Center for Automotive Research. Fiat Chrysler’s labor costs now stand at $55 per hour,
Read more

May 31 2019

Obama was the most economically illiterate President in the history of our country. He put his boot on the throat of the US economy and lead us to an unnecessarily long recession and the worst (slowest) recovery in generations...all the while adding trillions of dollars of debt. He had no effing clue what to do. Read more

Apr 24 2019

I’d never really paid attention to the vast differences between 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7 second cars until I started following Cleetus McFarland on Youtube. Lightly modded gen 1 CTS-V runs 11s
Chipped and tuned gen 2 CTS-V runs 10s
Big single turbo (20 ish lbs of boost) junkyard 5.3 vette runs 9s and high 8s
Huge twin turbo Read more