Darksiede, now LS powered
Oct 19

At those speeds one pebble on the road being to sharp is enough to render the whole thing into a shit stain far off the side of the road..

Feb 28

You need more stars for this comment.. Between Chevy and Harley Davidson they will always have a whipping post around here.. 

Jan 8

The only thing I saw missing was the chance to plug Dacia again and drive a Sandero.. I’m sure he coulda found one to do it with!

Dec 2 2019

A clutch swap, in a parking lot, in Colorado.. In December?  I’d rather work overtime for a month and have it shipped to me.  

May 21 2019

You don’t see that sweet ass Audi sitting there beside them? Also, West Texas with oil money and crazy peeps is a dash cam utopia! (Been there, did that in the 70's, 80's and early 90's)

May 11 2019

I was thinking the same thing, but then... Gears yo! I had one of these motors on a minibike, and with my 230lb fat ass on it it would do 35 banging on the governor.. couldn’t gear it up anymore because the rear sprocket was almost as big as the rear tire already...

Apr 24 2019

There’s more then a “different program” This truck has two complete sets of injectors and fuel pumps installed. One for street, one for strip.. one using E-85, the other supplying ethanol. The street setup is disabled and partially removed during racing, along with the majority of the exhaust system, the radiator and Read more

Mar 28 2019

Agreed, it’s purely subjective on the judging.. It’s Men’s synchronized swimming.. but with horsepower and tire smoke on pavement to make it manly.

Jul 30 2018

The decline in the number of OTR drivers out there has been forseen for 15+ years. Like so many other industries out there, the boomers are retiring, and the next generation(s) in line aren’t exactly taking a shine to some of these jobs. Why be gone 300+ days a year, and make shit money, when you can stay right at Read more