Aug 4 2014

A very confused Bengals front office immediately offered him a five-year, $100 million contract.

Jul 31 2014

I think you'd do better to take the "deserve" out of this equation. You don't hit people because they deserve to be hit, you hit them if that's the best way available to get them to stop hitting you. This whole moral certainty that "under no circumstances can any man hit any woman" needs to go away and be replaced Read more

Feb 20 2014

Kerry, there's a lot of research showing that people with "black-sounding" names can have a harder time finding jobs. Do you think maybe you've had similar difficulty because you have a girl's name?

Feb 13 2014

PS4 version for me. A month's perfectly fine to wait. By then, the Cubs should basically be out of the running for the playoffs, so I can play the PS4 version instead of ripping my hair out watching the Cubs barrel toward another 100-loss season. :/

Jan 9 2014

You mean Cylons?
Those have already been invented. Mitt Romney's one of them.

Dec 19 2013

This is a complete misreading of Derrick Rose and Dan Bernstein's argument. Rose refused to come back last year when he was cleared, takes up 30% of the cap, and then wines about the possibility of losing some expensive players to foster a better future team. It isn't a matter of "getting hurt on purpose", it's a Read more

Dec 1 2013

Definitely fake Bama fans, since real ones just upgraded to Windows 98, which isn't compatible with Twitter.

Oct 16 2013

"the time-honored trick of chucking stuff at it" See I told you this fixes problems.

Oct 1 2013

Diatribe warning: And the comments in this thread serve to show us that video games are not ready to be appreciated as an art form yet. The entire point of art, be it painting, sculpture, movies or music is to make us think and elicit an emotional response. The author of this piece found occasion to analyze his own Read more

Sep 17 2013

They should make a high school rom com where Jason Statham can't get a date for the prom until some popular cheerleader girl loses a bet and takes him as a date, but then he gets a makeover, and the popular girl sees how rad his bod is and discovers his inner beauty, and they give each other promise rings. Oh and he Read more