Jul 19 2019

Nope, “effect” would be the verb in that sentence. You could “affect the temperature.” But you would “effect a change in the temperature.”

Jul 2 2019

Counterpoint: “Metroidvania” is just fine, has been around for decades, and is an established term that refers to a specific genre of game. Specifically, one in which you’re placed into a maze-like world that requires getting powerups to advance, and once you do, the door is open for incremental backtracking and Read more

Jun 16 2019

Not to mention that some icons would change when you attempted to delete them. Like, the character would suddenly frantically wave their arms at the player being like “don’t delete meeeee....”

Apr 25 2019

Well, Atlus NEVER said, implied or promised that Persona 5 would come to Switch, or that P5S would be a Switch port of Persona 5, so anyone who feels “lied to” or “let down”(as I’m seeing people say on other sites) doesn’t have anyone to blame but themselves for getting their hopes up. Does suck for people who don’t Read more

Apr 17 2019

The neat thing about this is it’s the opposite of black magic - it’s extremely easy to do and pretty straightforward. The hard part is just getting the idea.

Sep 27 2018

I’d say this either enters into either #11 Spiritual Successor (e.g. Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee) or #2 Extremely Delayed Sequel (e.g. Psychonauts 2, Shenmue 3)

Aug 8 2018

I just want Isaac from Golden Sun back in this game. Even as an assist trophy again. Please let me know that you remember Golden Sun exists, Nintendo, ffs

Aug 7 2018

If there is a well-built narrative journey for the character, you don’t need to kill an animal character. Period. It is lazy in most cases. John Wick, while brutal, is an example in the other direction. The death of his puppy was much more than just that. It represented the ending of any physical connection to his Read more

Aug 7 2018

I get what you’re saying, I just have a pretty firm “take it or leave it” stance with Etrian Odyssey and the map. There’re many dungeon crawling games in a similar style (Grimrock, Darkest Dungeon, etc). Drawing the map is the key feature that makes Etrain it’s own thing, imo. It’d be like saying “let’s put the Kirby Read more

Jul 24 2018

Tried it out for an hour this morning and it had all the fun of smt/persona combat and style... Which, instead of making me want to continue and maybe buy gacha packs, has me wanting to buy the 3ds games or replay p4g.