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May 28

I’ve never known a Chip in real life. They’ve all been the antagonist in an episode of SVU.

May 8

Not to be a debbie downer, but you’re not considering that immunity from infection may only last a short period of time. Flu/SARS/MERS/coronavirus colds only gave limited immunity (8 months-couple years depending). Which means it can come back in force if herd immunity doesn’t last long.

Apr 17

too bad we got someone as president who thrives on division and tells his base “It’s better if you go it alone!” At this point, I just want to be out of the South before it tries to secede again. 

Mar 25

Wait - are we supposed to be social distancing from our partners/family that we live with? That seems...unrealistic? Read more

Mar 25

You don’t have to distance from your household members unless they are under quarantine or infected. Unless the political press and paps are all housemates, then it’s a fine scolding.

Mar 10

Are we all forgetting “I support Hong Kong police.”? This is gross

Mar 5

My election fatigue is reaching fever pitch. Throwing more Clinton into the mix might kill me. I will not be watching this documentary or contemplating Bill’s sex life any time soon.

Mar 3

I used to agree. But now I’m at the point where I don’t give two shits about their moment in the spotlight for their obscure sport. Find another way because right now they are only propping up some astonishingly evil shit.
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Mar 2

Came here to say the same thing! This is so stupid. He was one of the best “romantic leads” in an animated Disney “princess” movie because he had so much respect for her as a warrior prior to finding out she was a woman, and then more so after. Child me had a big crush on Li Shang.

Mar 2

This is dumb. At no point in his time as commander is Li Shang interested in Mulan; if anything, it’s the opposite (though she would never approach him). Read more

Mar 2

Dr. David Schneider, during a panel on the “ills of socialized medicine,” claiming that “socialized medicine killed Princess Diana.” Schneider added, “Princess Diana would have lived had that accident happened in America.” Read more

Mar 2

I also love that they only help during the pregnancy. Like having a baby is a one time major expense and it’s fine once it’s born. Sorry Karen I’m pretty sure it only gets more expensive once the kid is actually out of the womb, but thanks for the $5k to guilt me into a life of poverty

Feb 28

The complete lack... no, the willing abnegation... of agency in some of these is astounding. “God decides this stuff...” so you shouldn’t bother doing anything. The Bible says so, so everything will be fine. The man in charge says everything is ok, so why bother thinking otherwise?

Feb 28

Is it wrong of me to think it would be highly ironic if there turns out to have been a massive outbreak of Coronavirus at CPAC, instead of just the usual outbreak of amorality, stupidity, and grifting?