Dangling Modifier
Oct 21

Alaska hasn’t had seatback monitors for a while now.  They hardly even offer up their tablet rentals anymore, because practically every passenger has their own device.  The nice thing about Alaska (and some other airlines, I think) is that if you download their app before takeoff, you can watch movies and tv for free Read more

Oct 11

My husband used to work in the tourism sector in Alaska. He and his co-workers would always refer to the majority of the cruise passengers as the “newly-wed and nearly-dead.”

Aug 30

I have them leave out the sour cream and add the spicy ranch. It’s as close to the Baja sauce that I’ve been able to get.

May 7 2019

I hate the “you get summers off!” argument. I am actually dreading this coming summer because I have more trainings than ever, I have to write an entirely new curriculum for two of my classes, and I’m taking classes myself. I’m already overwhelmed at just the thought of it.

May 7 2019

Yep.  I just have my paychecks spread out over 12 months instead of 10, so basically I’m getting paid in July for work I did in May.

Mar 11 2019

Look, I think the real shame in all this is that Democrats are perfectly capable of agreeing on the fact that they’re comfortable ripping babies from straight from their mother’s womb or killing a baby after birth Read more

Feb 28 2019

They offer free tv, movies, music, and texting on their in-flight app. You just have to use your own device...

Feb 15 2019

It’s very telling that many people only know him because of his Taylor Swift covers. Just a different way of using a woman to obtain more power.

Dec 19 2018

The lights on the tree must be the same color.  I cannot stand seeing the multi-colored strands on Christmas trees.  Let the ornaments be your variety, people!!

Dec 13 2018

Two weeks ago, we suffered an earthquake in the middle of the school day.  I couldn’t even remember to grab my KEYS as we were evacuating the building, but now they want me to have the presence of mind to grab a gun, remember my training, and face a kid with a death wish?  No thanks.

Dec 7 2018

In other Alaska news, Anchorage and the surrounding areas are still recovering from the 7.0 earthquake that occurred last Friday, November 30.  Every possible book, paper, pencil, and paper mache project flew off the tables and out of the cupboards to create a nice little 2-foot deep swamp in my classroom.  We haven’t Read more

Nov 15 2018

If I ever held a political position, you’d bet that my family would either be a) pooling money to buy me nice clothes or b) making them for me.  Cause there’s no way my mother and grandmothers would let me leave the house wearing an Old Navy blazer if I’m going to be all over the news!  But that doesn’t mean we’re Read more