6:05 PM

In fact, Biden is reportedly fairing worse than Hillary Clinton with the under-40 set: His lead among 18 to 34-year-olds is narrower than Clinton’s was to President Trump during the last stretch of the 2016 election cycle. Read more

1:52 PM

Honestly, I think she genuinely believed that the police would arrive and force him to delete the video or seize his phone. I think that’s what was going through her head. She wanted the video gone and she had the dirty trick to make that happen right at her fingertips. Her end game was to have him, and the video, Read more

11:48 AM

Does she actually understand what she did wrong? Because it feels like she’s missing it. It wasn’t that she called the police in a situation where it was a judgement call. It was that she literally used calling the police as a threat, the unspoken part of which was, They’ll believe me long before they believe you, and Read more

11:26 AM

That’s not the worst apology I’ve ever seen (low bar), but the bit about her privilege blinding her to the fact that for some other groups the police are not just a benign protection agency is patent bullshit. She makes a point of saying to this guy that she is going to call the police and tell them an “African Read more

11:25 AM

Genuinely wondering if this would have gotten as much attention from white people if she weren’t choking out a dog during the whole vid.

11:11 AM

I’m not sure how me using a woman’s name to insult other women is sexist. I’m not obligated to support other women writ large, especially not when they do stupid fucking shit. I’ll take Karen any day to describe someone that’s actually being an asshole over being subjected to listening to people use “bitch” or “cunt” Read more

11:02 AM

This incident perfectly encapsulates why I was never comfortable with the idea of #BelieveWomen and always got into heated debates in the comments regarding the notion that “women don’t lie about these things.” From the Scottsboro Boys to Rosewood, FL to Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, OK to Emmitt Till, White American Read more

12:35 AM

Even if it was Meghan’s idea, it’s annoying the narrative is that she’s some horrible manipulative glory hog who did it to ruin her husband. If anything, I’d imagine it would’ve been more along the lines of, “wow this really sucks and your’e clearly not happy. If you want to, we could leave it all and start over in Read more

12:13 AM

I’m certain I’ve exhausted my Jezebel Cute Animal Content quota by now

11:13 PM

The vitriol you see against Meghan Markle is absolutely mental. I’m probably not even active in the sorts of spaces where she’s properly loathed, but I still see it constantly. Read more

7:56 PM

I want to snorgle their little bellies and coo at them while my face bleeds from the multiple puncture marks caused by their wee widdle murder-mittens.

3:14 PM

From the rumours it’s the only place he’s enjoyed working because he was treated as “any other bloke” (probably not strictly true but close enough), actually got to do stuff because of his skills and not simply name, and wasn’t in the public eye. Read more

3:02 PM

Apparently, Harry hates the term “Megxit” because it implies Meghan was the one who wanted to leave the U.K., though it is a convenient pun. Perhaps “Susxit” Read more

2:36 PM

No, you mean a man who went to serve in Afghan partly to get away from the Press and has a longstanding issue with them for, you know, getting his mother killed might have been the one to want to leave? Read more