Jul 15

Except that the Badlands trim supposedly can be had with a manual, and that comes with both lockers.

Jun 30

I once commented on Jalopnik - and was excoriated by some dipshit who insisted that I had to be wrong - that I own two vehicles which:

1) Do not have an arrow
2) Do not have a release lever for the gas flap
3) Have the fuel gauge on the opposite side of the gauge cluster from the side that the tank is on

Mar 27

Mid-front engine, RWD, Italian, 4 seat convertible, named after something in nature, that’s fast but built like shit, from 1990.

I feel like that should be doable, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Jan 2

To be fair, the submission just said he wanted to get to the mountains. Didn’t say anything about getting back.

Dec 5

Re: the Takata airbag thing, how long does it generally take for a car to show up in the NHTSA Recall checker? I’ve got a 1999 M3 that sounds like it could be impacted.

Nov 15

Hasty Flaming Buffalo sounds like what you get from one of those band name generators that uses your first initial, the month you were born, and the street name in your home address. Read more

Oct 17

It’s a real testament to Vince’s awesomeness that I am both sure that that’s true, and am not at all sure which one you’re talking about, specifically. Read more

Oct 8

I hate the grille way less than I do on the Silverado, but that’s not saying much.

Oct 4

The only correct response.

Sep 26

My girlfriend and I randomly went to a burlesque show last week, a few days before the Saints were in town to play the Seahawks. The guy who was the emcee, of sorts, asked a bunch of people where they were from/what they were doing in Seattle if they weren’t from here, etc. Two super drunk guys in the front were Read more

Sep 19 2019

My default position is certainly to tell the Yankees to get fucked, but I don’t have anything snarky to say here. Read more

Sep 18 2019

Jesus god I had to look up who you were even talking about. That QB depth chart is grim. Read more

Sep 17 2019

Thank you. I love green. It’s my favorite color. I tried very hard to make my last vehicular purchase (a 2000/2001 Toyota Tacoma V6 4x4 manual) in the lovely green pictured below, before I caved and bought a (sigh) black one, because I couldn’t find a good one in green. I wish my 1999 M3 (also black) was Fern Green, Read more

Sep 17 2019

I don’t remember that one, but it’s so plainly believable that I’m pretty sure I can gin up a fake memory and convince myself it did happen in about 10 minutes.

Sep 14 2019

Holy shit those “TRD” and “PRO” badges under the headlights on the Tacoma are tacky. Read more

Sep 10 2019

If they sold the 70-Series troopie that Australia gets here, I’d be one of those ankle breakers rushing to buy one. Read more

Sep 6 2019

I mean, Mahomes is obviously the one I'd pick to build a team around if I was choosing right now, but Watson is at least pretty clearly better than Trubisky.