May 22 2017

His comedy is too smart for half of the people here. That’s why. He’s wrong about a decent amount of things, but he’s still got a sense of humor that makes sense if you aren’t dry as chalk.

May 21 2017

Shit, Beth, you have it good if your parents are watching Bill Maher. My parents watch Alex Jones. (Well, my dad does, but my mom goes right along with whatever he says.) I would much prefer my parents were into Bill Maher than Alex Jones. Maher is right about most things; he’s just kind of an abrasive asshole Read more

May 16 2017

I obviously haven’t seen the show, but how does a regular ol sitcom espouse conservative values? What were the plotlines? A daughter gets pregnant because she’s only ever had abstinance only education and Tim Allen forces her to carry it to term but doesn’t contribute to the upbringing of the child?

Feb 18 2017

This all says to me he was in on it and decided to throw his source under the bus to get out of it once Nintendo came knocking.

Feb 18 2017

Yeah definitely smells like he knew the guy he bought it from, realized he was the only one with a unit and it would be easy to trace it and tried to give it back to avoid trouble. I don’t imagine this is the last we’ve heard of this. 

Feb 18 2017

Another interesting piece is that he apparently tried selling it on reddit before he did the unboxing/UI demo.

Feb 13 2017

As long as it doesn’t end with every one in the cast inside a church, then they’ll be alright.