Was on vacation visiting one of my best friends. My return flight was leaving at 10:30am and we were only about 30 mins away from the airport. We thought it would be a great idea to get extremely drunk the evening before since we would wake up with plenty of time to get to the airport. We woke up at 9:15am. The boardin Read more

Been following your career since the Topless Robot days. I mostly lurk around here, but know that you will be missed as editor. I hope you enjoy having more time to focus on writing. 

I did 4:3 (and eventually worked up to 5:2) fasting starting in April of 2017. I was 320lbs when I started. I got down to about 290 and then switched to a traditional 2000 calorie daily diet. I am 265lbs now and still making good progress. Read more

See, I agree that Vince might ‘think’ that is his audience, but all the evidence points to the contrary. The hottest cities for WWE (rowdiest crowds, fastest ticket sell outs for an event, etc) are consistently in liberal/swing state areas (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, New York, Chicago). Meanwhile, the Read more

As a Pats fan, this is my favorite scenario actually.

Yes, every person within those counties is a liberal. They voted 99.9% Hillary in the election and the idea that there is a contingent of republicans in those counties is silly

No, this specific play cannot be audible’d because there are not enough people on the line to adjust the play

I am baffled by the positivity in these comments and in this review. As someone who has watched all of Death Note, but never really fawned over it, I felt like taking liberties could have benefitted the story tremendously. I was all for major sweeping changes.
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Only the most educated people I know use the term “f*ckstick.” You must have at least a doctorate.

You, sir or madam, are doing god’s work. Thanks!

Yep, it was fine. I never understood the level of hatred people had for that ending. Lost on the other hand....

Because it is a common conceit in writing to use extremism and seemingly disparate elements in order to craft metaphorical storytelling? A good example of this is District 9's messaging about apartheid.

Yeah, and get government out of building bridges and roads and shit. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON UNCLE SAM STEALING MY MONEY TO FIGHT FIRES.

I am not even sure what you are saying in this post since it is all over the place, but just to clarify, I had sold my Wii U in disgust long before BOTW because I recognized the wriiting on the wall. Also, I agree that history teaches us it was a failure. It was evident in real time as well to anyone paying attention

I think you misunderstood completely. The Wii U was DOA and scared off third party support. 6 months in, games that were announced as exclusives were all of a sudden going multiplatform (Rayman Legends for example) and every third party publisher started seeing a Wii U port as an extraneuous cost that would not pay Read more realize they are still sold out everywhere, right? This is far from a Wii U situation right now. I agree that third party support is going to be a huge factor in the long term success, but they have plenty of time given the momentum they have right now.

Personally, I think feet are kinda gross, but a foot fetish is not even in the top 50 of weird fetishes. Hell, it is barely even a fetish

From what I understand, the animation had a very noticeable bump in quality after the material they rehashed from the movies. I am watching the dub like a filthy casual. So, I have not gotten that far yet. I can confirm the early eps definitely look like ass though :)