Feb 13

Did something happen to the Waynes that involved a gun? I feel like this hasn’t really been addressed in any of the comics, movies, cartoons, or TV shows. Read more

Feb 12

Still missing the most important aspect of the old rotary phones: Young people will never know the cathartic release of hanging up on an asshole by smashing unto the phone a receiver heavy enough to bash someone’s brains. Read more

Jan 23

While I appreciate and respect the work that goes into these videos, I personally do not watch them.  I browse this site at work, and I’m not going to watch videos at work.  I’m only one reader, but personlly I’d prefer the site stuck to articles and stayed away from video.  

May 28 2019

this is the first time the phrase hanging chad has crossed my mind in almost 20 years...

May 6 2019

Even still, I think the analogy holds. “If you’re highly skilled and uniquely knowledgeable, plus in an extreme circumstance where you have no other choice, go ahead and write your own will.”

May 2 2019

What comment did you read? Because the one I read didn’t say anything of the sort

Apr 29 2019

I assume you think Professor Hulk should have thrown the bench further? 

Apr 17 2019

This dude has some serious power and control issues. It sounds like his issues with porn aren’t thinking that it’s immoral as much as being furious that he can’t control it and the women who perform in it. He’d be taking men’s accounts down with just as much zeal if he truly had a moral issue with porn (which wouldn’t Read more

Apr 17 2019

“Mr. Leno, you’re not even supposed to... yes, sir, I know you own three antique fire engines. Bailiff, could you please... thank you.”

Mar 26 2019

1) You’ve made your point and shared your complaint with the restaurant owner, who is at least aware of your feedback. Read more

Mar 12 2019

This really should be the case everywhere. You’re free not to vaccinate Madysyn or whatever, but you can’t have your outbreak vector child using public accommodations like schools