11:52 AM

Huge Michigan fan here and I completely agree. Speight lost that game with some boneheaded throws and a terrible fumble. They had every opportunity to put this game away in the third quarter and didn’t. I still think Harbaugh should have just gone for two in the first OT. The defense wasn’t stopping anyone in the 4th

5:08 PM

Y’all can keep saying “short” and “obviously” and “Michigan got screwed,” but they had every opportunity to win this game outright. And should have. And didn’t. 8 penalties to 1 (including an escalator personal foul on the coach for being a bitch) and three turnovers from the quarterback? Eat shit. No one “deserves”

10:23 PM

Literally every story I’ve read or watched about this has mentioned that the cop who shot him is black. Every single one of them, and I live on the other side of the country.

11:46 AM

Difference being those dudes gave up their primes to go fight, whereas Ali gave everything up to NOT fight (and fighting was his profession). It’s a subtle but major difference, and one I point to with no intention of denigrating those other great men’s service and sacrifice. But Ali is a civil rights,

4:55 PM

This happened to a Dayton center when I was a kid, too, Chris Daniels (former NBA player Antonio Daniels’ older brother). Was sad as fuck when I was ten, and remains sad as fuck when I’m 32. Think this kid here also lost like a hundred pounds in the last year and was rounding into World Destroyer shape. Devastating is

5:23 PM

This is pretty fucked up. I know it’s funny to laugh at what an asshole Pitino apparently is, but this is a microcosm of how insane the athletics situation is at most universities, and one reason they soak students and deprive professors to keep the sports money train rolling. This cocksucker can’t be bothered to

4:05 PM

They have man they have. Every diety, every toxic dumping industry, every two faced politician, every team stealing, stupid letter writing, non Manny paying, totally incompetent owner has fucked us. You want to fuck Cleveland? Get in line, I think it starts in Pittsburgh.

11:15 AM

Direct arena revenue, yes. Revenues from hotel, food & beverage, sales, other taxes as a result of attracting new events, no.

9:32 AM

The thing about the Miller Park tax is that it amounts to almost nothing on an individual level. People here pay around $10 annually in the extra sales tax which, honestly, shouldn’t upset anybody.

6:20 PM

The people at Gawker did a hell of a thing when they hired Greg Howard to write for them, and I am sure I’m not the only one who is thankful they did.

11:32 AM

Love's actually been playing well. He's averaging 16 and 10, hitting his threes, and has looked good since the All Star break. Yesterday was the exception rather than the rule. It's easier to stick to the beginning of the season narrative for him than pay attention, I suppose.

4:48 PM

The night of their wedding once they got back to their room my wife's friend got naked, walked out to where her husband was and said "Take a good look. This is as good as it is going to get."

2:41 PM

I think this sort of shit happens because every journalist lives in like one of the 5 neighborhoods in the country that actually are experiencing rapid gentrification.

7:27 AM

I'd say the Steelers are one Kimo Von Cheapshot past having any option other than STFU regarding shots below their players' knees.

12:09 PM

Some of y'all are sleeping on exactly how shitty of a coach Jay Gruden is. Whatever else RGIII may or may not ever become, Gruden was the exact wrong person to hire to be his head coach. Dude came from the arena league and had Andy Dalton passing 50 times in a playoff game the Bengals were dominating on the ground.