2:30 PM

A lot of people from the hinterlands, like myself, might have a real problem with what’s going to happen, media-wise, if the Knicks go even .500 this season. I, for one, welcome it. Kristaps is too damn good to be on a sad-ass non-playoff team about which everyone talks shit, and it’d be pretty great for some

2:28 PM

Just last night, I had a pounding headache and a weird jerky bit of depression creeping in and just wanted to go to bed at like 8:30 and read until blessed unconsciousness set in. First, though, I decided to pick up the house, and twenty-five or so minutes later the house was clean, my headache was gone, the

11:38 PM

The Howard trade is honestly why I take every trade that happens now with a massive grain of salt. Did the team get something that makes it better? Did they give up a lot to get it, relative to what the new piece could mean? Does it feel like the new lineup will complement each other well? Okay.

8:12 PM

Got a day free from the kids tomorrow and am thinking about smoking a bowl and taking in a matinee. And while I like a good mindfuck as much as anybody, and I love Aronofsky, and Lawrence, and Bardem, I stay at home with a toddler and an infant most days, am beyond stressed out by six o’clock most nights, and, in

10:07 AM

They have at least two northeastern neutral sites available. If the NFL sits down with Miami and the club hosting the game, they could lean on both sides to come up with an equitable revenue split that worked to help navigate a tough situation in a way that gives a tiny amount of consideration to the players. Instead,

10:01 AM

No, I know. But prioritizing the ability to tell everyone to go pound sand over the health and well-being of the guys everyone’s paying to come see, both during this one game and the seven others they’ll be hosting, feels short-sighted and unfortunate.

9:57 AM

That last part is probably the best summation. Not terrible, just unfortunate, except for the players who don’t get a week off for the next four months now at least.

9:35 AM

It is amazing to me how consistently these motherfuckers can screw up difficult situations that need even the tiniest bit of a soft touch and any consideration whatsoever for the players, or really anything besides the money, involved.

2:14 PM

So what you guys are saying is I should definitely trade Mike Evans in my fantasy keeper league?

3:28 PM

Man, you ain’t kidding. I was in Chicago when that motherfucker died and all my friends that were Blackhawks fans were super excited about it. Which was super weird, until all the sudden they started ripping off titles.

3:25 PM

I was hoping this was all a long con designed to get people on the phone, at which point he’d ask for the moon for KP and try to pivot to unloading ‘Melo for not all that much, relatively speaking.

5:07 PM

Delly’s contract, while large, was market-level for a starting PG. The fact that they lucked out on Brogdon and had a much better player on their hands than anticipated doesn’t change that, and Delly’s going to be okay sliding back into that supporting role without making a big deal about it. It only looked terrible

3:18 PM

I’m sure he’s a fine dude, but this fucking sucks. They passed over the guy they’d been grooming to take over for Hammond in three years for a guy no one knows anything about and who has no experience, and this at a time when the team is just short of being ready to make a huge leap and can’t really afford to give a

10:33 AM

I don’t think for a second Ainge isn’t taking Fultz. He’s proven himself in the past to be a cagey actor when it comes to this kind of stuff, and he turned down giving this pick up for Paul George mostly because he wanted a George-type of player they can build from scratch and have for at least seven years.

4:50 PM

I fucking love watching Monfils play. It’d be great to see him in a GS final, but I also know there’s no way that’s ever going to happen, so it’s always just so much fun watching him do whatever the fuck against more straight-laced, often-flabbergasted (I imagine) opponents.