Jul 29

Man, I want to like this game but each successive character design makes it harder and harder.

“Let’s make them look less like comic book characters than even the movies did” said no one ever.

It’s like they’re making a game populated entirely by the movie franchise’s stunt doubles.  

Jul 27

Every time I see an article about Starfox 2 or Starfox 64, I’m reminded just how weird it was that we got Starfox Adventures, about Starfox in a Zelda game.

Jul 14

Oh man, you just opened up a pandora’s box.  This comment is going to monkey paw this into being an election angle, just watch.

Jul 7

This was a fantastic interview, Matt.  Thank you so much for sharing it.  

Jul 4

I stumbled across this thing last year (I am an old) and started (very loosely) looking into it and keeping tabs on it, and from what I can tell it’s not *too* different than streamers who frequently partner up or share an officespace. They all have their own streams, and they live in a house. That means they collab Read more

Jun 29

> You won’t learn anything. You won’t even try to learn anything.

I learned not to listen to someone who calls themselves a Puddinghead.

Her opinion hurts people. Full stop. It actively hurts people. That is why people are loathe to support her any more.

I feel for these devs who find themselves in this unenviable Read more

Jun 19

You can use the Kotaku Core tag if you want to avoid articles like this.  The rest of us can hang out here while you wade in the kiddie pool.

Jun 16

I’m not going to say your argument doesn’t have merit, but I do think its worth pointing out that the Avengers, while America-centric as a notion of being an American-made entertainment property, isn’t the most militaristic piece of propaganda in existence. You’re far more likely to run into the military as an antagoni Read more

Jun 15

The next Duke Nukem needs to star his daughter. Just have a prologue that stars Duke, have him get injured or kidnapped or something, and his daughter saves the day (saving him can be optional).

If someone out there is really insistent on keeping this franchise alive, the only option is to evolve it somehow.  

Jun 10

Reminds me of the very old Microsoft game Allegiance(?), which combined an Space Fighter deathmatch with RTS. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a game like that in the years since. I thought it was a fun experience, especially as a first step into that sort of mish mash.  

Jun 1

You see, this comment? Right here? This is peak Kinja. A comment that complains that the protests aren’t peaceful, about an article that mentions the peaceful protests that did JACK SHIT to fix the problem.

If we wanted to avoid the riots, maybe we should’ve listened to the football players when they took the knee Read more

May 28

Battleborn also had the ‘advantage’ of releasing right when (if memory serves) the Overwatch Beta wrapped up and we were waiting for retail release. I remember buying Battleborn because I really wanted to play a team based shooter, and while it was enjoyable, it absolutely paled in comparison to Overwatch when that Read more

May 26

Their virtual ticket stuff might be wrapped up in contracts or third party vendors that relies on the other parts of the convention actually happening.  Like it used to be hosted as a DirectTV pay per view item -- not sure if that’s still the case -- and maybe without the actual con they can’t use those agreements.

May 26

We could stream it via our phones!

(I know that joke was old, but I couldn’t help myself.)

May 24

It tends to go through cycles. For awhile there they kinda floundered about, at least to me. Recently it feels like they’ve hit their stride again and are putting out consistently funnier comics. Every now and then they’ll go for some low hanging fruit that I roll my eyes at, but for the most part the jokes seem more Read more

May 22

Oh, I wouldn’t feel ashamed of playing Fornite. I’ve actually played a small bit of Apex, Fortnite BR, and PUBG. It’s not really my type of game, but it’s enjoyable in small doses.

I think the joke is born out of the small resentment I have toward Fortnite BR due to it killing any chance Save The World had of being Read more

May 21

Save the World was fantastic, had so much potential. But their monetization model was crap and then when they found their white whale in the Battle Royale mode I knew it was over.

It’s been like two years and I think Save the World is still ‘early access’ even though people paid full retail for it.

May 21

I’ve never really invested in the EGS — I had an account from the Fortnite days (Save the World, I swear) — but I never really used it to get games. More apathy than any crusade, I already had Steam, Origin, Blizzard, and god knows what other launchers/stores for PC games, no reason to add to that.

Well, free GTA V & Read more