12/06/18 11:49AM

This connects right up to the Hannah Gadsby article below. It’s so easy to condemn behavior (men) like this when you don’t know or care about the individual, or if you already think they’re slimeballs, but when it’s a beloved figure? Hoo-boy, it gets hard real fast. Read more

12/05/18 1:55PM

Or that Hillary’s spent a large part of her life trying to adhere to the dictates of “decorum” and got absolutely nothing for it other than scorn, hatred, and character assassinations. I’m all for the Hillary who doesn’t give 2 fs about decorum.

12/02/18 11:08PM

Dude, *that* doesn’t work at all. The burden of proof is on the person making the assertion. You asserted that “real accusations are getting mixed with people trying to make money off any little incident.” EddieCheddar asked you for proof, which is not an assertion. You have failed to provide any evidence, so you will Read more

12/02/18 11:41AM

I don’t know what happened, but just going off what NDT said, he did creepy shit that would make anyone uncomfortable, is creepy in how he explains himself, and completely failed/fails to police his own behavior. Read more

10/09/18 10:04AM

It’s pretty insulting to claim, without evidence or knowledge about the referendum, that people just didn’t vote because they were lazy. According to articles I’ve read elsewhere, a large percentage of people boycotted it because if under 30% of people voted: Read more

10/09/18 3:29AM

No, it was a planned boycott. We specifically didn’t want to vote because it was a sham of a referendum

9/08/18 6:20PM

John, I know you think you’re very edgy, but you’re just extremely boring.

9/04/18 10:23AM

In defense of reading comprehension, there is no “he” in this story.

8/29/18 11:51PM

You’re literally saying that as long as time and money are infinite it’s not zero sum. Since they aren’t infinite, this is not a reasonable objection. Read more

8/29/18 6:16PM

yessssss its funny how “separating the art from the artist” 99% of the time gets said about dudes who do fucked up shit that no one forced them to do!!

8/29/18 6:01PM

THANK YOU. And don’t pretend this isn’t some ploy to get back into the limelight again. CK wasn’t doing a free show to a 2oo seat venue because he was lonely. This is a toe in the water to try to regain fame. And the audience has every right to bite that fucking toe off. There are plenty of talented creative people Read more

8/29/18 2:55PM

Nah, you’re the one misconstruing this (arrogantly, at that). If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have to change the word right to “deserve.” Pretty simple. Read more

8/29/18 2:47PM

I mean, fundamentally, are you saying there is nothing that would influence you? That seems to be the position you’re taking, but I don’t think that’s the case. Read more

8/29/18 1:53PM

Yes, and that’s what I was getting at. While they’re still alive you can’t/shouldn’t separate the art from the artist because the art necessarily supports the artist. Though, to be frank, I’m not going to find his jokes as funny given his behavior. His jokes about understanding of things like white privilege, when Read more