Dec 17 2017

I’ll take an extra look for a letter! I’m between my house and my parent’s and BF’s places often so I check mail maybe once a week. Read more

Sep 24 2014

He says "third century." And here's the thing: Genie lives in the Islamic world (as we know from direct references to Allah and midday prayers) so his 3rd century would be our 9th century. So by our Roman calendar, the earliest Genie could have been trapped in the lamp would be the 800's, which means it's at least the Read more

Sep 24 2014

There's also the possibility that part of Genie's "phenomenal cosmic power" is that he experiences all time at once much like Dr. Manhattan.

Aug 19 2014

I feel like one day, Sony will just start giving a damn about Vita and we'll get tons of games and support. Read more