He says "third century." And here's the thing: Genie lives in the Islamic world (as we know from direct references to Allah and midday prayers) so his 3rd century would be our 9th century. So by our Roman calendar, the earliest Genie could have been trapped in the lamp would be the 800's, which means it's at least the Read more

There's also the possibility that part of Genie's "phenomenal cosmic power" is that he experiences all time at once much like Dr. Manhattan.

Damn this part of the game...

I feel like one day, Sony will just start giving a damn about Vita and we'll get tons of games and support. Read more

"Kid looks to the heavens, hoping for a bundle. Been hoping a long while now, and it looks like he'll be hoping a while more."

Which reminds me I still need to beat NewLittleKing'sStory.

Technically nobody will be buying this DLC, considering it's free.

New inmate, "Hey dude, I loved you in Black Ops 2"

Ever so much this. From 1986 until 1992 or 1993, "playing Nintendo" was something I did regularly. For awhile I played Super Nintendo, but it wasn't until I got the original PlayStation that I would have said I was playing video games.

In reality you just want to be *that guy*.

My favorite is tomorrow: Cup of coffee, Nintendo Direct, and screaming at the goddamn lag.

I think you are an awesome human being. Nobody else like you. I know that's cliche, but we need more people like you to balance out the brodudes.