Jul 29

wow i didn’t expect to snortle my afternoon coffee all over my desk

Jul 28

Or they can make a day of it by going to get some camping gear. That way they can get some Dicks and some In ‘N Out in the eBussy.

Jun 10

It seems that, true to form, NASCAR has taken a turn to the left.

May 11

Laws are for the poors, like common folk who wear masks to grocery stores, or Tesla line workers that need to report to work to feed their families. Don’t bother with unemployment, your job is waiting. Read more

Jan 22

Yeah. I like how its always a threat: “ You guys better be nice or we’ll elect the shithead again!” Its as if his own supporters know what a total flaming piece of donkey shit he is.

Jan 22

No, he’ll likely win because the electoral college favors his supporters so even if he loses by several million actual votes he can still win in the electoral college again.

Jan 8

Hm. If it is real, let’s hope Grimes has a better ability to meet deadlines than Elon, or else that baby won’t be born till 2025.

Dec 30

None of the cars I put under Roadkill are pure Roadkill - the other two were around before the show (Blasphemi was bought and built after the start of the show). Hell the Rumble Bee has been Freiburger’s since he was 15. It’s just easiest to lump them under that banner.

Dec 30

Or, Rotten Tomatoes is a site with public reviewing which is trivially gamed, which makes it extremely easy-to review-bomb titles that internet shoutymen have some sort of issue with, or for them to push reviews up for titles they like, regardless of quality.
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Oct 7

At one point, IIRC, he’s also shown owning a Aston DB4 and a Bently Continental Flying Spur, and definitely has a fleet of cars.

Sep 30

They can as a part of the heroic story mission rotation.

Sep 16

Fake hair, thin-skinned, twitter addicted, lies about the successes of his companies, and accuses the media exposing those lies of ‘fake news.’ And now he’s arguing over what words mean, after previously being unambiguous about the term in question. Read more

Sep 9

It has to be that big. Twice a year I tow a 12-foot travel trailer. 

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Aug 5 2019

Spot on. Having worked with ReedPop in the past via my job, they’re usually pretty on the ball about the events within their cons. I imagine it was just overlooked until someone who know more about these guys reached out to those with some power and they shut it down.

It’s so odd because ReedPop also does both SD and Read more