Oct 8

Yeah i agree, it would be different if there was only the first movie in these franchises, but both RoboCop and Rambo have strayed so far from the originals that having them fight time hopping ninjas aint really that much of a stretch anymore

Sep 22

Far and away my biggest tip is a direct contradiction to this: Stubborn Defiance is great for mid-game, terrible for end game. As soon as you can afford 3 stacks of Death Defiance, use that. Once you’re comfortable with the game it’s really only Hades and maybe Theseus getting in a cheap shot that you’ve really gotta Read more

Sep 22

This is good advice for a first run. I’ve beaten the game 100ish times now and I find that I prefer cthonic vitality. My mirror is basically filled out so I actually avoid darkness. Plus, once you’re good enough it’s rare for a room to actually wreck you, so a +3 every time you enter a room can help keep you topped Read more

Sep 3

I think Galaxy 2 is a good game—perhaps even great. But I also feel like I’m one of the only people out there who unequivocally prefers Galaxy 1 over 2.  

May 28

Anecdotally, I know the server I use (Thorn) is way more crowded than it was a few days ago, so people definitely are getting through

May 27

The CoreGrafx Mini, which Europe got, is probably the best of the three versions, because it combines the best of the US and Japanese ones: Read more

May 26

Wow they copied Starfire wholesale, they didn’t even bothet to change the color of the outfit.

May 11

Once in third grade, my father off-handedly mentioned that under the Constitution, we didn’t actually have to stand up and do the Pledge of Allegiance. So me being the third grade dink that I was, the next day I stayed seated for the Pledge at my local private school, and was promptly sent to the pastor and the Read more

Apr 10

I think the subtext is that Natasha loves the Avengers as her family, and is sacrificing herself for them. She is doing the opposite of what Thanos did, which was a selfish act. Read more

Mar 6

It’s a shame they are missing Dragon’s Curse, I preferred it to the SMS version, and no Bloody Wolf or Splatterhouse either :( I actually liked Keith Courage so I’m disappointed that’s missing too. They have a lot of good games though.

Feb 15

Absolutely loved it. God I miss Yokai Watch trying to be something in the West. The Viz dub of the anime is still a damn gem.

Jan 30

just popping into the comments to say real quick that, yes, even if nobody gives animal crossing an 8 out of 10 i am going to die anyway. i know

Sep 1 2019

I do love Monster Hunter World! I am super excited for Iceborne too!
I can’t wait for it to release in just 4.........months.......for PC...........
*starts sobbing uncontrollably*

Aug 12 2019

I have a six year old that I enjoy watching cartoons with and I try to steer her towards well written shows, our current favorite is Craig of the Creek. I’m glad I DVR’d Infinity Train because she liked it and when I looked at the listings for CN for the next week, they are not replaying it, but they have non-stop AWoG Read more