Street Sweeper
Dec 10

On the other hand, we really do need to kill tipping culture. It IS ridiculous that server A makes $2 bucks for pouring a $10 shot while server B makes $50 doing the exact same work pouring a $250 shot. Read more

Feb 26 2019

it was also published in 1994, not 2011, and has nothing to do with michael crichton.

Feb 26 2019

Cook Out is the best! When you get two sides with a combo AND one can be a frickin’ CORN DOG, you know you’re at the right place. Read more

Dec 12 2018

The number of Dems who haven’t signed the CRA make up only 8 percent of House Democrats. Conversely, if you could convince just 8 percent of House Republicans to sign it, that would be a miracle.

Sep 13 2018

Seriously with this question? The sign doesn’t mean you check the phone at the coat check. If your phone rings (or vibrates) get up from the table and take the call outside. Which is exactly what you should do even without a damn sign on the door

Sep 13 2018

Indubidubly the slipped creeper is no bono, as my Messican friends would say.  -  ES

Sep 13 2018

Cryptkeeper Al Davis is so, so, soooooo stupid, and yet I laugh my ass off reading it in the Cryptkeeper’s voice, which is the whole point.

And that Dez Phantom of the Opera thing is a thing that needs to happen in real life.

Sep 12 2018

To be fair, they have the “DO NOT TOUCH” in quotes, so the didn’t really mean it.

Sep 1 2018

When will people hold their representatives, as in “YOU ARE REPRESENTING US, THE PEOPLE OF YOUR DISTRICT, YOUR STATE!”, to actually answering questions and acting responsibly and respectfully, as opposed to just electing whoever the party throws in front of you because, well, we need to hold/takeover the house/senate.

Aug 30 2018

If the pitcher throws it up and in and the batter ducks out of the way but it still hits the bat, it’s considered a foul ball. How is this different? 

Aug 30 2018

So if I square to bunt, then pull the bat back and hit a screaming line drive barely foul, I’m out because no matter what happens after I square, it’s still a bunt? I don't think so.

Aug 25 2018

The only real piece of shit here is you. The man did more for this country than your stupid ass sitting on the couch. 

Aug 23 2018

Also, if your ex already has a new guy two weeks after leaving you, she was probably fooling around with him long before she left and was looking for something like this to happen so she could justify moving out like she already wanted to. Sounds like this relationship was doomed long before the Chiefs lost.