Another great article, thanks Tyler. Read more

True, but I think it will be quite a while before a robot or software will be able to conceptually design machinery and architecture. In fact, I’ll submit that we’ll have been extinguished by our robot overlords well before that milestone is achieved. Read more

How do you automate an engineer 14% of the time? An engineer does not equal a calculator... Read more

Bing gives me a $5 gift Amazon card about once a month for searching with them instead of Google. I’d say the cons of Bing aren’t greater than free money. Read more

Too bad they don’t sync to iOS.... Read more

Just because other outlets are spilling these details does not mean you need to as well. I likely would not have known this if you had not. Stories that put our soldiers (me) and our allies in possible danger are NOT fair game to print. NSA doemstic spying is one thing, overseas monitoring the enemy are another. Read more

Woodford. Next question please. Read more

Engineer Chris P. Is Here To Answers Questions About Men and Drinking Bourbon Until You Can't Stand Up Anymore. Ask away! Read more

What makes THAT part of the anatomy any dirtier than the rest of your body? Why does everyone assume that? Sex aside, why would that be ANY dirtier than, say, my ear or my elbow? Skin is skin is skin. And sweat is necessarily bacteria, so that doesn't make it "dirty." Read more

I think there's a difference between "None of these majors appeal to me" and "I can't decide which of these majors I want to pursue." If you're the latter, jump right in and find out. If you're the former, don't waste your money on some BS basketweaving degree. Read more

Here's an idea: charge half that for the sunglasses and keep all the other useless shit. What is this, an infomercial? Read more

Holy shit, Jesus. I don't always agree with your opinions here, but this is spot on. I don't understand why Apple hasn't already done this. Even if they do it tomorrow, why the HELL has it taken this long? I've been [silently] advocating for a solution like this for YEARS. Read more

So just to clarify, If I'm getting my Lifehacker feed through Feedly, it will automatically include all of these because they're rolled under the Lifehacker umbrella, right? Read more

This is the only reason you scrolled through the article.

Oh good, I was looking for a way to get all of my friends' ten thousand baby-walking and stupid-pet-trick videos on my TV. Thanks! Read more